Field Solution Marries iPad with Microsoft xRM

— June 07, 2011

eImagine Technology Group, Inc. and VSC, LLC have joined together to create a new joint venture, Tenpointsix LLC. TenPointSix LLC recently launched its namesake product TENPOINTSIX to the metrology industry at the 2011 National Measurement Conference and Training Symposium in Pasadena, California.

TENPOINTSIX was created to fill a gap in the field service industry. Service companies needed a portable and user-friendly solution to merge dispatching, sales, service delivery, and quality control procedures into one integrated package. These companies needed a package that could deliver ease of use yet also provide the ability to manage complex and version-controlled service procedures requiring field data validation and a quality audit trail.
“The answer,” says Brian Bewley, CIO of eImagine, “was to marry the flexibility and utility of the Apple iPad and iPhone with the Microsoft xRM application platform. Together this combination provided a user-friendly field device and a back end with a multitude of features, including the full range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities, which otherwise would have had to be recreated. TENPOINTSIX is a great example of combining existing technologies into a new solution to do what technology is supposed to do: create new efficiencies.”
Although many field service applications seem geared more to the engineers and management, TENPOINTSIX was designed from the ground up with field personnel in mind. TENPOINTSIX brings immediacy and an “on the go” feel and function to the gathering of test reports, processes, and execution of field procedures. The popularity of both the Apple iPad and iPhone has also led to a high level of user adoption and satisfaction which is fundamental to any successful system implementation or conversion.
“We’ve also created raving fans with back office personnel because work order reports now provide time, materials, asset, and service information from the job instantly,” says Matthew S. Guffey, CEO of VSC.
TENPOINTSIX is designed to give you access to the information you need for field service, dispatch, and work order management, while providing a full 360 degree view of accounts from both the sales and service perspective. Originally focused on the metrology industry, current releases have expanded into the aviation, biomedical, and transportation industries.


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