Fixmo's Sentinel Update Allows the Enterprise to Manage and Monitor BYOD

By Gerard Longo, Assistant Editor — July 17, 2012

The trend of mobile security companies accommodating BYOD workplaces continued on Tuesday with the newest release of Fixmo's Sentinel defense-grade enterprise mobility platform.
The newest version, Sentinel 4.3.2., is a part of the Fixmo mobile risk management platform that allows enterprises to securely manage their networks' mobile devices and infrastructure. The new Sentinel now has management, security and monitoring capabilities of both corporate-owned and employee-owned mobile devices. The update also adds three server infrastructures to its centralized monitoring capabilities, with those being Good Technology, BlackBerry's Enterprise Server and Fixmo SafeZone. These, alongside the already-included iOS and Android, can now be monitored under a unified console, where Sentinel can detect any possible errors and other issues related to mobile devices or server infrastructure itself.
Rick Segal, CEO of Fixmo, believes Fixmo's ability to manage multiple server deployments through a single, unified console is important to the enterprise in light of the rising trend of BYOD policies that could pose a threat to network security.
“As IT organizations in the public and private sector expand beyond BlackBerry and embrace BYOD, they are faced with the growing challenge of how to secure and manage a mixed device environment with heterogeneous server infrastructure while ensuring they can prove compliance across their deployment.” Segal said. “With the latest version of Fixmo Sentinel, our customers can centrally monitor and manage their BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Good Technology and Fixmo SafeZone deployments through a single unified console while leveraging our industry-leading Device Integrity and audit reporting to maintain and prove regulatory compliance across their entire deployment.”
Users can also use Sentinel 4.3.2. to create custom monitoring events, IT notifications and automated remediation actions to ensure mobile computing throughout the enterprise. Administrators also have access to mobile application management and an enterprise app store with the latest Sentinel update.
An official press release from Fixmo indicated that Sentinel 4.3.2. is now available to customers from the enterprise and government agencies.


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