Help for Wet Mobile Devices

— November 05, 2012

When a device suffers a plunge into liquid, the key to preventing costly damage is to dry it completely and dry it fast. Bheestie Bags remove water from wet cell phones and will pull moisture from any electronic gadget placed in the bag.

Silica or rice is often recommended as a home remedy, but according to the company, Bheestie Molecular Beads work up to 700% better than rice at removing moisture from a device. The product was created out of necessity by the company, which is located in Portland, OR, where the climate is damp and often very wet.

Drying Technology
Bheestie Molecular Beads contain tiny pores of a precise and microscopic size that are used to specifically target and trap water molecules, eliminating moisture from within the sealed bag. The beads are engineered to absorb water up to 22% of their own weight.

As the humidity of the air contained within the sealed bag decreases, the hidden moisture contained within the electronic device transforms to a gaseous form and mixes with the air in the bag. 

This process continues until the moisture from the device becomes permanently trapped within the molecular beads. In most cases, this takes between 48 and 72 hours. The trick is to keep the bag sealed and the target environment contained.

Unlike rice or silica gel, the beads continue to absorb water beyond equilibrium humidity. Silica gel or rice that has absorbed moisture will actually release water into a dry atmosphere. 

Bheestie offers the following tips for when a device gets wet:

  • If it’s still on, power down the device
  • Dry off any visible moisture. Remove case and battery if possible
  • Place in a Bheestie bag
  • Zip seal tight or beads will lose maximum absorbent abilities
  • Leave in 8 to 24 hours for everyday moisture removal; emergency soaking leave in bag 48 to 72 hours
The bags come in various sizes that can house a variety of cell and smartphones, tablets and other devices, such as cameras.


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