iTRUCKit App Improves Driver Efficiency and Productivity

— January 10, 2011

Eye Phone Group, LLC and Zing Information Services recently announced the launch of the iTRUCKit delivery assistant iPhone application. Developed in collaboration with UPS package delivery drivers who are members of Teamsters Union Local 804 in New York, this productivity tool simplifies day-to-day record-keeping and tracking demands faced in the field.

iTRUCKit enables real-time exchange between driver and dispatcher regarding business-critical information such as delivery routes and schedules, driver positioning, and distance traveled. Additional features to enhance job performance, productivity, and record-keeping processes on-the-go include reporting of weather conditions, customized notes and tracking of stops, package pick-ups, and deliveries.

While iTRUCKit is adaptable for any delivery service, developers integrated features and functionality specific to UPS drivers who work for the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services, such as automated SPORH tracking as mandated for the company’s driver performance evaluations. As with other iPhone apps that assist with productivity and efficiency, every driver, including non-UPS employees and Local 804 Teamster Members, may download and use iTRUCKit as they see fit. Software customization services are also available to align iTRUCKit with other workplace environments.

“We’re thrilled to launch iTRUCKit, a paperless, real-time productivity solution that works in combination with any active GPS connection,” says Nathan Ooley, president of Eye Phone Group, LLC. “We’ve found that end customers really appreciate knowing where deliveries are at any given moment, while drivers significantly reduce the time spent on repetitious recordkeeping and administrative tasks.”

ITRUCKit is iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible, currently available through the iTunes store. An Android-compatible version is slated for release in February 2011, and a similar Mac command center application designed to track and map multiple driver coordinates has also been scheduled for release in early 2011. Learn more about the company and application at


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