InnoPath Introduces New Mobile Device Management System, ActiveCare

— February 09, 2009

InnoPath Software, the leader in Mobile Device Management with its standards-based approach, today announced its next-generation solution, ActiveCare. ActiveCare represents a transition from point products with limited applicability to complete solutions and provides operators and enterprise users with an 'active' connection between the subscriber's phone and frontline care.

This reduces call handling times, increases first-call problem resolution, lowers operational expenses, and reduces churn by enhancing the end-user experience. ActiveCare is applicable to both featurephone and smartphones using the InnoPath Smart Client or native clients installed on the phone at the factory. The solution builds upon the company's 5+ years of experience in delivering MDM server and client products to enterprises, Tier-1 operators and handset manufacturers.

"In the current climate, being able to offer a solution that is immediately deployable, reduces churn and is capable of generating concrete returns on the investment is critical within the MDM space," said Stephen Drake, Program VP, Mobility & Telecom at IDC. "Successful suppliers of MDM solutions should seek to tie MDM to one of the few remaining strategic differentiators available to the Tier-1 operator by addressing the operators' single largest operational expense - customer care."

The InnoPath ActiveCare product line consists of the following components:

  • The InnoPath Server, currently deployed at multiple Tier-1 operators, provides the scalability, reliability and extensibility critical for the next phase of MDM.
  • The Smart Client, an OMA-DM standards-based client that can be loaded at the factory or pushed to handsets already in the field, provides the basis for end-to-end manageability. The Smart Client is both upgradable and extensible, supporting a rich set of management plug-ins.
  • The ActiveCare Agent, a Smart Client enabler, builds on OMA-DM standards to accelerate MDM deployment with a "Standards+" solution that fills gaps in current, existing standards.
  • The ActiveCare Portal, a simplified, easy-to-use, web-based front-end for the InnoPath Server, helps front-line care personnel quickly and effectively troubleshoot phone problems, shortening call times and facilitating first time problem resolution.
  • InnoPath's ActiveCare provides the mobile network operator or enterprise user with six key management components:
  • Mobile Check: pulse the phone for hardware and software settings.
  • Mobile Check and Correct: pull application settings from phone, compare them to expected baseline settings, and push corrections.
  • Mobile Config: push application configurations to the phone, critical for GSM data service usability.
  • Mobile Lock and Wipe: lock and/or wipe lost or stolen phones, critical for corporate security and preventing identity theft.
  • Mobile Update: push updated firmware images or OS patches to the phone. InnoPath's proven FOTA technology means that, unlike full system images used in tethered update systems, update packages can be quickly and reliably pushed over-the-air to devices in the field.
  • Mobile Device Control: configure hardware on the device, such as WiFi or Bluetooth.
"InnoPath has built upon its operator and handset vendor experience to deliver an end-to-end solution that meets the critical customer care needs of operators globally," said David Ginsburg, Vice President of Marketing for InnoPath. "We are well into the deployment of ActiveCare across a number of our Tier-1 operator customers globally."


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