iSynergy 4.5 Mobile App Improves Enterprise Content Management

By Jessica Binns, Contributing Editor — June 05, 2012

With the release of iSynergy 4.5, iDatix is revolutionizing the way people get work done by converging mobile capture and enhanced electronic forms. This significant release expands iDatix's powerful Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Dynamic Case Management software. Advanced iForms, mCapture and extended integration options are just a few of the major developments included in this release.

The new mobile app allows for remote capture and direct submission into the document management repository and Progression, iDatix's workflow automation system, creating the most comprehensive end-to-end mobile ECM solution. The timing could not have been more perfect for this release as 67 percent of organizations have deemed mobile technologies to be vital in improving their business processes (source: Association for Information and Image Management, AIIM).

"We have been scanning documents and moving them around the business electronically for over 25 years, but to match today's speed-of-business we must mobilize content at the earliest opportunity," says Doug Miles, head of the AIIM Market Intelligence Division, in the recent Process Revolution Report. "The challenge is to capture content closer to the point of origination, routing and monitoring it into the process, and making it available to whoever needs it, wherever they are, and in the shortest possible time."

To expand on existing electronic forms methods already available on the market, iDatix released their intelligent iForms technology. Developed with simplicity and performance in mind, iForms allow users to create forms directly within their browser with simple drag-and-drop tools. The form fields can be automatically pre-populated with data from external systems such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, LPS and any other custom or off the shelf line of business application.

One-third of AIIM Process Revolution respondents believe over half of employees will be utilizing electronic forms on a mobile device within five years. This percentage underscores the importance of integrating both mobility and eForms together for a comprehensive process automation solution.

Sample Use Cases for Converged Mobile Capture and iForms

Expense Reporting – A sales person pulls up a preconfigured expense reimbursement form on her mobile device and her information is automatically populated in the form fields. She immediately begins entering her expenses and she uses the same iPhone or iPad to photograph her receipts which are then automatically synched with her electronic expense report. Upon clicking the submit button, her entire expense report is immediately presented to her manager for approval and once he hits his approve button, it is off to accounting for reimbursement. Painless, seamless, paperless.

Mortgage Services – An appraiser visits a property to do a complete assessment of its current state. As he is doing his investigation he uses his mobile device to take notes, capture photographs and fill in measurements and other data points to the company's appraisal forms. As he clicks a button to complete his appraisal, all of this work is certified, time stamped and immediately accessible in a single location for the main office worker to process it for the next step.

In addition to iForms and mCapture, the new iSynergy 4.5 delivers advanced tools to provide deeper and more seamless integrations with existing key line of business systems that organizations rely on to run their core operations. Since inception, iDatix has integrated with a wide variety of third party applications including popular systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft, Lawson and others.

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