Kony Debuts Management Tool for B2B and B2E Mobile Apps

By Jessica Binns, Contributing Editor — June 13, 2012

Kony Solutions, Inc., a multi-channel application development platform and business applications provider, announced a new solution for Mobile Application Management (MAM) that eases managing and securing mobile applications.

Kony's Mobile App Manager gives organizations a single, easy-to-use environment for deploying, managing, analyzing and securing mobile applications for all devices, across all channels, including HTML5, mobile web, native, hybrid, or mixed-mode.

The new product is a highly customizable, application-centric solution for provisioning, updating and managing a wide array of mobile apps in both business-to-employee (B2E) and business-to-business (B2B) environments. Administrators can use Kony Mobile App Manager to manage Kony pre-built apps, custom-built and third-party apps running on the KonyOne Platform, or third-party or custom apps built outside the KonyOne Platform environment.

In addition, organizations can use Kony MAM to enable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies, because Kony MAM handles application provisioning, policy management, and even device feature management from within a secure client container that does not impact end users' personal apps, games, photos or videos.

Kony MAM provides end users, IT and developers with the tools they need for comprehensive mobile application management. Users can leverage the self-service features to install and configure apps inside Kony's secure client container. IT can have detailed visibility with a powerful and simple to use web-based management console. Meanwhile, developers can utilize Kony APIs and app development tools to build mobile app security and management into apps from the early development stages.

In addition, Kony MAM utilizes a highly scalable server model that integrates seamlessly with backend security infrastructures including those from Symantec, McAfee, and CA. By offering a single, unified resource for managing multiple applications, Kony Mobile App Manager streamlines management while delivering the industry's most flexible MAM environment.

Gartner predicts that 90 percent of companies will support corporate applications on personal mobile devices by 2014. Some of the biggest challenges organizations must cope with in mobilizing their business applications are applying layered security policies and developing, deploying and maintaining mobile enterprise applications. Kony's Mobile App Manager addresses both of these issues for enterprises in a single comprehensive easy offering.

"Our open and standards-based KonyOne Platform has become the solution of choice for the world's largest IT organizations. With the new application management solutions we're introducing today, we now have the industry's most versatile set of offerings to help enterprises tackle their diverse mobile deployments," said Sam Lakkundi, chief mobile officer at Kony Solutions.

"CIOs want to be able to secure and manage corporate data and assets, without touching end-users' Angry Birds or Bejeweled games – now they can do that in a very intelligent and straightforward way – and they can do so without having to cobble together different underlying platforms, consoles, and MAM/MDM products," he added. "Kony MAM gives them a single resource for total, flexible control."

Kony Mobile App Manager features a secure mobile app container, centralized web-based management console, enterprise app store, and complete support for Kony or third party Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. The Kony MAM platform can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud to provide "instant-on" capability – both of these deployment modes can dynamically scale on demand.

Kony MAM features:

  • Secure App Container for BYOD -- Kony MAM features a secure mobile app container that abstracts applications and data away from the specifics of the device and operating systems, thereby enabling administrators to provision, run and update applications without impacting users' personal games, ringtones, and apps
  • Web-Based Administration Console -- The Kony web based management console is the only MAM console on the market to deliver consolidated management of mobile applications, analytics, data synchronizations, and the mobile runtime environment from a single web-based dashboard
  • Flexible Policy Management -- Kony Mobile App Manager enables highly flexible and customizable policy management. Policies can be assigned by role and by groups within an organization and can be set to be enforced purely at the application level, so that the entire device need not be affected.
  • User Authentication and Authorization -- Kony Mobile App Manager features complete integration with LDAP/SiteMinder/Active Directory and other popular security and identity based systems.
  • Enterprise App Store -- Kony's Enterprise App Store feature allows administrators to set up, administer and push apps to diverse devices and allows employees to easily discover and download applications. Each app store is optimized for use both inside and outside of corporate firewalls and across any operating system or device, and is fully integrated into the centralized management console.
  • Integrated MDM -- The Kony MAM product delivers integrated mobile device management (MDM) functionality in addition to mobile application management, to enable administrators to lock down, wipe clean, and protect data on diverse mobile devices, among other functions.


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