Law Enforcement Take Note: Do You Need To Get Data Off A Mobile Handset Fast?

By PRESS RELEASE — March 08, 2009

Cellebrite USA Corp., the industry leader in mobile phone content transfer, backup, and management systems, announced support for Google's groundbreaking Android mobile phone OS. The HTC G1, offered by T-Mobile is supported byCellebrite's UME36 device which can read and write phonebook, pictures, video, audio and ringtones from old phone to new phone, over a direct cabled connection.

Over 65,000 Cellebrite UME-36 devices are currently used exclusively by all major carriers in the US, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and 50 additional carriers.

Cellebrite has approximately 90% market share in point of sales synchronization solutions. The portable, stand-alone UME-36 device requires no PC for use, and supports more than 1800 past and current cellular devices. By leveraging its industry leading library of supported phones, the UME-36 enables end users to enter a store with almost any phone and get their content transferred to their new device with the touch of a button.

"Mobile devices and operating systems are constantly evolving and becoming more complex as users demand more abilities and features. Here at Cellebrite, keeping ahead of the curve is imperative to the success of the company, and our carrier clients. This is one of the best examples of Cellebrite being the first to support an industry changing OS I have some time. Our customers are come to expect this superior support, and I am proud to say we always deliver." Said Adi Ofrat, CEO, Cellebrite USA Corp.

Established in 1999, CelleBrite provides solutions for mobile phone data management, with over 65,000 product units deployed worldwide and millions of end users. Cellebrite's products enable commercial data management as well as forensic data analysis. Cellebrite has over 80 commercial customers who are the world's premier carriers and retail chains, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Spring/Nextel, T-Mobile, Orange and Telstra. Cellebrite's forensics customers include highly respected national and local divisions of law enforcement, anti-terror and public security units.


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