LTE Now Supported On InnoPath Mobile Device Management Platform

By PRESS RELEASE — April 01, 2009

SUNNYVALE, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- InnoPath Software, a leader in over-the-air Customer Care, is partnering with its Tier 1 operators globally as part of their planned LTE deployments. This technology lays the basis for a next-generation, over-the-air management infrastructure in support of activation and care.

Recently, the GSMA has stated that more than 26 operators worldwide have committed to LTE, with more than 10 expected to launch commercial services by the end of 2010.

Pressures placed on operators with regard to bandwidth, service availability, device procurement and application/device stability, become front-and-center with mobile broadband.

Many subscribers, both casual and business, will 'un-tether,' using their mobile devices or laptop data cards as their primary means of communication in a mobile broadband environment. They expect that applications will work as advertised, that their phone or laptop is properly configured, and that if they call in with a support problem, the frontline care agent is able to quickly troubleshoot the device, determine what is wrong, and take corrective action.

InnoPath's leading ActiveCare server simultaneously supports CDMA, GSM, WiMAX and now LTE, effectively tying the circuit/SMS world with IP. This support leverages the extensibility of the platform as well as the company's deep understanding of OMA-DM standards evolution and the deployment plans of its Tier-1 customers. Key elements of the company's LTE support include:

  • Activation -- The InnoPath solution offers operators the ability to effectively detect, provision and customize devices over an IP-centric LTE network. It supports extensibility customized for a specific operator deployment, such as gathering the current SIP or IP address for client-server interaction.
  • Device Support -- The InnoPath solution supports both LTE-only devices as well as 'dual-mode' devices used in phased operator deployments. InnoPath only requires an OMA-DM client on the device which can be either pre-loaded or post-loaded into the mobile device. InnoPath ActiveCare is compatible with both planned FDD and TDD LTE (TD-LTE) deployments.
  • Standards Evolution -- InnoPath, drawing on its strong track record of innovation, is helping to drive the completion of DM 1.3 within OMA-DM. DM 1.3 provides for provisioning and management of native IP devices over-the-air by supporting non-SMS based bootstrap. Looking to the future, InnoPath is helping drive the definition of DM 2.0.
  • Care -- InnoPath's complete ActiveCare capability set and Smart Client are deployable within LTE with a goal of reducing client -- server network bandwidth, average call time and increase customer satisfaction.
"InnoPath should be considered the vendor of choice for LTE over-the-air management and care, because our product line supports mobile operators in multi-protocol network environments -- preserving their MDM investment -- while our understanding of care needs, powered by our client and server product line, makes for a complete solution," said Tom London, CTO of InnoPath.

About InnoPath
InnoPath is a software company in California with offices around the world. Our products help mobile network operators and handset makers provide better support for their customers, reducing call time and driving call avoidance. Our technology and standards leadership help us make better products, while our extensive experience in production Tier-1 networks helps us ensure success in large, complex environments. Our customers include AT&T, Verizon, Samsung, LG, KDDI and China Telecom.


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