Mindflash Brings Corporate Training to iPad

— December 12, 2012

Mindflash, the online training platform for businesses, launched its iPad training application. Now the 7.5 million PowerPoint training documents created daily (nearly 2 billion over the past 12 months) by businesses worldwide can not only be viewed perfectly on the iPad, but can also be seamlessly integrated with training videos, quizzes and surveys to create a compelling mobile learning experience for the nearly 20 million business users of iPads globally. The iPad app is available immediately in the Apple Store and free for current Mindflash users.

The Mindflash iPad app allows corporate trainers to easily create web and mobile training courses with no IT support required, saving them significant time and money versus live, webinar or LMS-based training. Content creators simply sign up for a free, 30-day Mindflash trial, design a course and engage their employees via Mindflash's automated invitation, reminder and assessment tools. Employees can then access those courses on a computer anytime, anywhere they have Internet access and, as of today, on an iPad with the download of Mindflash's free app.

Key features include:

  • Desktop-equivalent experience: Trainees can view training documents on their iPad exactly as they do on their desktop. PowerPoint animations, embedded videos and hyperlinks all work like they do on a PC.
  • Seamless training: Trainees can start a course on their office computer and pick up where they left off on their iPad while commuting home. Time-in-course and quiz scores are recorded across all devices in real time.
  • Engaging mobile training experience: Mindflash courses seamlessly integrate PowerPoint, Word or PDF content with videos, YouTube and hyperlinked content to give trainees an interactive learning experience while working from home, the airport or the customer's office lobby -- anywhere.
  • Real-time management reporting of mobile learning: Trainers get instant access to data on trainees' progress and performance across all of their desktop and mobile sessions.
More than 400,000 courses have been completed by hundreds of thousands of trainees on Mindflash since its September 2010 launch. This rapid growth has been driven by the software's ease-of-use and by 2012 enhancements including a deeply integrated application with Yammer, a social enterprise network. .


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