mprodigy 2.4 Enables Better Utilization, Management of Mobile Devices

— October 20, 2010

B2M Solutions, specialists in the transformation of the mobile enterprise, launches mprodigy 2.4, the first mobile enterprise management platform (MEMP) to deliver comprehensive analytics from the whole mobile ecosystem. The integrated analytics from mprodigy deliver essential business intelligence so an organization can maximize its investment in a mobile project to deliver improved working practices and increased efficiencies and new mobile products and services.
While some organizations may already have information about the performance of their applications, until now they've had no way to see how that performance correlates with usage patterns, hardware performance, or network coverage: even less so when comparing groups of users or sites. With analytics from mprodigy, organizations can now draw on intelligence from the complete mobile ecosystem covering the users, applications, mobile hardware, networks, and service centers such as help desk operations. The data can be fed into solutions such as SAP Business Objects and IBM Cognos.
Jenny Plaister, head of marketing at B2M Solutions says, "The mprodigy mobile enterprise management platform (MEMP) delivers an unprecedented level of business intelligence about the performance of a mobile enterprise. mprodigy's analytics deliver integrated cross-functional views about the entire mobile operation and opens up new paths to business transformation. With the mprodigy platform, organizations can now realize their mobile strategies through business process innovation to deliver competitive advantage."
Some key benefits of the analytic capabilities of mprodigy:
Improve battery performance
Battery life is a major factor impacting the productivity of mobile workers. With the analytics dashboard from mprodigy, organisations gain full visibility into battery, device, and operator performance. For example, if a device's battery does not last the whole day, mprodigy will identify the troublesome device as well as deliver detailed information on the pattern of charging and discharging over days or weeks. Armed with this information, the users' charging behaviour can be corrected or faulty batteries replaced.
Optimize application usability and performance
When rolling out new applications to a population of mobile devices, there are often many factors that cause deployment failures. In the past, the application provider was first called upon to find the root cause. If not resolved, it would be passed to the hardware and network providers, causing considerable delays, complexity, and frustration. With mprodigy, the mobile enterprise manager can now access detailed information on all participants within the mobile ecosystem. For example, an international company piloting a new mobile application found that the app kept failing but no supplier would take ownership of the problem. mprodigy identified that once the device's battery level was below a certain charge, it reduced power to the antenna and then the application's message could not be transferred. The problem was resolved in a matter of hours rather than weeks.
Faster reaction to disruptive events
Mobile enterprise managers with a large population of mobile devices use mprodigy to analyze the impact that disruptive events have on device user productivity. Patterns of failures and reboots can be identified and preventative measures taken. For example, frequent user-initiated device re-boots often mask an underlying problem with an application as well as interfering with users' performance. Analytics enable a single view across different depots to see if there is a common problem as well as the state of the device before the reboot, which may reveal an underlying problem such as a battery or network issue.
Advanced network management
Mobile managers can compare location, operator and device performance against the strength of the network signal, allowing an analysis of the impact of network availability on key business processes. Coverage information can help inform network procurement decisions as well as guide the network requirements within an application.
Increase help desk efficiencies and reduce cost of service
By monitoring and logging how helpdesk operators diagnose and resolve problems, mprodigy enables an analysis of helpdesk performance. For example if a helpdesk operator is not performing properly, training needs may be identified. Further analysis may also show trends and patterns of helpdesk actions which indicate that there are fundamental design issues with an application or hardware.
Improve Asset Utilization
The entire population of mobile devices may be viewed and their patterns of usage analyzed to ensure efficiencies. For example, some depots may have devices sitting unused, while another depot doesn't have enough devices for staff. Device status can also be tracked to ensure the asset is moving efficiently through the repair loop.
Change core mobile business processes
With mprodigy, mobile enterprise leaders gain visibility into how key mobile business processes are executed in the field. Only by monitoring and enhancing core business activities can improvements be made and customer service levels elevated. With a focus on core mobile process realignment, new mobile products and services may be delivered for sustainable competitive advantage. 


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