NetMotion Announces Launch of Mobility XE 9.5 VPN

By Gerard Longo, Assistant Editor — July 10, 2012

Seattle-based NetMotion Wireless announced Mobility XE 9.5 on Tuesday, the newest version of its mobile VPN. The new version of the network is highlighted by upgrades to its security features and next generation network compatibility, which the company believes will increase the network’s reliability for its industrial client base which includes utility, telecommunications and government agencies.

Among the improvements to Mobility XE 9.5 is the support of IPv6 networks that is now provided. Whereas previous versions of the network supported roaming within IPv4 networks, the newest upgrade allows users to move between IPv4 and IPv6 networks with fewer interruptions and gaps in coverage.

One particularly groundbreaking feature of the update is the security features included in the new version of Mobility XE. Mobility XE 9.5 now has the ability to support National Security Agency (NSA) Suite B cryptography guidelines which, according to Tuesday’s official press release from NetMotion Wireless, makes the network the “first and only” mobile VPN with such in-depth security features. Additionally, Mobility XE 9.5 is currently undergoing Common Criteria EAL4+ certification, a widely-recognized set of guidelines for evaluating security features and capabilities of products in 26 countries, including the United States.

NetMotion expects that system administrators will also have an easier time using analytics software associated with Mobility XE 9.5, as the new version’s analytics module is now contained entirely within the network. Tuesday’s press release states that this development will afford administrators the opportunity to “analyze information on application use, data consumption, connection status, individual device status and other deployment details, freeing up staff time to focus on other tasks.”


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