NetScout Extends Service Delivery Management to Mobile Devices

By PRESS RELEASE — December 26, 2008

NetScout Systems announced nGenius K2 mNOC mobility optimizing the industry-leading nGenius K2 integrated service management solution for delivery to web-based mobile devices, and extending the physical boundaries of the traditional Network Operations Center (NOC).

Before nGenius K2 mNOC mobility, Information Technology (IT) staff were symbolically tethered to their desktops -- and their traditional network management consoles. With nGenius K2 mNOC mobility support, IT staff and business managers can have anyplace, anytime visibility into the health of their network, applications and service delivery environment.

Today's networks and applications run around the clock -- and while IT organizations worldwide have been busy erasing wired boundaries with a broad array of mobility services for their global business workers, the IT organization has seen little progress for mobilizing their own applications -- until now. Designed and optimized for the demands of the new generation of mobile devices, nGenius K2 mNOC mobility is a highly secure, simple-to-use, browser-based, lightweight mobile console. nGenius K2 mNOC mobility support can be delivered over both 2G and 3G wireless networks and is supported by a wide range of web-enabled, standards-based mobile devices, bringing an unprecedented flexibility in performance management visibility for network, data center and application managers.

"Although network management teams can operate successfully by assigning personnel to monitor a central network operations console screen, this hampers staff productivity and efficiency," said Debra Curtis, research vice president at Gartner, Inc. "Leveraging mobile devices can increase IT operations efficiencies by enabling network management personnel to perform their other duties and still be notified of critical issues that require their immediate attention. This can shorten the time to resolution and lower the risk of critical issues being missed."

The nGenius K2 mNOC mobility support delivers a consistent user interface with the PC-based nGenius K2 console -- providing a flexible and collaborative environment with consistent workflows from which to manage the service delivery environment. Mobile users have access to a wide range of comprehensive performance intelligence, predictive early warning alerts and definitive problem identification in rich graphic detail. Once connected, users can access application, network and user information on demand, with simple, contextual and easy-to-navigate links providing valuable high-level summaries of historical network and application performance trends.

Real-time anomaly alerting can be delivered via e-mail or Short Message Service (SMS) to one or many mobile users. When an alert is received, depending on the mobile device, a mobile user can simply point-and-click to receive instant and comprehensive details on the reported irregularity. The user has the added flexibility to quickly and easily access deeper intelligence -- bringing critical performance information instantly to a users' fingertips --giving the concept of 24x7 visibility a renewed meaning.

"As IT organizations seek to increase flexibility and reduce costs while attempting to stretch resources, staff and budgets, the nGenius K2 mNOC mobility comes at a truly opportune time," said Steven Shalita, vice president, marketing for NetScout Systems. "The nGenius K2 mNOC mobility support is about virtualizing and extending the reach of the NOC beyond the traditional boundaries of PC-based consoles. nGenius K2 mNOC will have a profound impact on IT operations as it will bring greater operational flexibility which will result in dramatically improved productivity by bringing true mobility to a broad range of IT and business stakeholders."

Introduced in spring of 2008, nGenius K2 is an add-on package to the nGenius Performance Management Solution that delivers integrated service management capabilities with unique early-warning capabilities and innovative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The nGenius K2 application is seamlessly integrated with nGenius Performance Manager and Sniffer Intelligence, enabling rapid drill-down to view details about users, applications, the network and packet data. These unified service views provide a powerful, at-a-glance visualization and correlation of network and application health and users' experiences, empowering network, datacenter and application managers to monitor the status of all related service delivery elements. The nGenius K2 mNOC mobility support provides a mobile-optimized extension to K2 and delivers a relevant subset of useful views available from the K2 desktop environment. Views available from mNOC include alert lists, alert details and ad hoc and scheduled Newspaper reports.

nGenius K2 mNOC mobility support is available now and is included at no additional cost with version 4.5 of nGenius K2 software. No cost upgrades from nGenius K2 version 4.3 to version 4.5 are available to most users with an active maintenance contract. Customers should contact NetScout Systems or their local reseller to determine system requirements and upgrade eligibility.


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