New Dispatching App from dESCO for iOS Devices, Android, Windows Phone

— January 28, 2011

dESCO has released a new mobile app for the iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7 devices. The app, ESC Mobile, is a simple and affordable way to outfit service technicians with real-time dispatch information and time tracking in the field.

“The apps increase the efficiency and accuracy of technicians in the field by offering them all the information they need for the task at hand,” says dESCO president, Dean Schreiner. “The apps help service companies convey a new level of professionalism. It takes advantage of today’s technology by allowing the technicians to process payments in the field and immediately email receipts, while offering the ability to quote further recommendations on the job site. The apps reduce the dependency of obtaining information from the dispatcher by phone or radio," he says.

This low-cost mobile app features real-time dispatching and status updates, full dispatch details, GPS tracking, mapping, driving directions, time tracking, invoicing, quoting, signature capture, payment processing, the ability to attach pictures from the phone’s camera, and much more.

dESCO customers have seen improvements in their business by using the ESC Mobile app. “ESC Mobile offers a competitive advantage in the sense that we’re not losing payments and opportunities that techs could lose paperwork and payments,” said Steve Seguine, VP Operations at G3 HVAC. “All our technicians are working in the field, making dispatches for themselves, so we’re able to minimize the overhead in the office by being more field oriented.”

“The best part is with the signature capture,” said Chris Serbeck, President of Crest Lock Co., Inc. “The tech gets his phone signed for the work that he does, it’s back at our office before he drives off the job, and the final invoice is emailed to the customer the same day.”

“The app streamlined everything for us,” said Geoff Fishel, Owner of All Mechanical Service Company. “We know where our techs are and what their status and availability is with the real-time updates. It really streamlines our invoices too because the techs can access the full inventory immediately and create the invoices in the field.”

“Right now, conditions for mobile are perfect," said dESCO VP of Operations, Eric Rausin. "The prices of the smart phones are coming down to where it's very reasonable. The app works with the phones technicians have, want, and need to do their job. It gives companies a huge competitive advantage.”

The applications make full use of the devices’ touch screens, and other built in features like the GPS and cameras. The link to the office is in real-time, making changes made from the office or from in the field is instantly visible to the other. “All the things they used to have to call the office for, they now have at their fingertips,” said Rausin.

“Accuracy is one of the huge game-changes of this app,” said Rausin. “Instead of a tech chicken scratching out the part number, and office staff having to decipher the handwriting, they're selecting parts from a list and automatically updating customer's equipment record. Techs can also enter equipment in the field whether you installed it or not. That can be golden when it comes to marketing later on.

“The app reduces the workload in the office, without radically increasing the workload on the technicians. It frees up your office staff to work on other activities, getting more done with less people, so companies can channel funds into more technicians, which will make them more profitable.”

The application includes a connection to a demo database, meaning anyone can download the app and see exactly how it will work in the field without any setup or commitment. The demo database even works for people that are not running ESC in the office. ESC Mobile is available for download from the iTunes app store, from the Android Marketplace, or from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.


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