New Kindle Fire - A Move Towards the Enterprise?

— September 07, 2012

In a highly-anticipated move, Amazon has revealed its Kindle Fire HD next-generation tablets, in addition to a new e-reader and an update to its standard definition Kindle Fire device.

The new tablet comes in three versions: an 8.9-inch version with a resolution of 1920x1200, a 4G version of the same size, and a 7-inch version with 1280x800 resolution. The new Kindle devices features several connectivity options, as well. These include dual antenna, dual band, MIMO and 4G LTE wireless capabilities, the latter of which comes with support for 10 4G bands and the company’s 4G LTE data package.

The new devices feature several storage options to accommodate the larger file sizes of HD content. The 7-inch tablet is available with 16 GB or 32 GB of on-device storage, while the larger version is available with 16 GB and 32 GB. The 4G version has both of those storage options alongside a 64 GB storage option, and all three enable users to store and access Amazon digital content in the Amazon Cloud.

Other features of the Kindle Fire HD include:

  • Eleven hours of battery life on the 7-inch version
  • Front-facing HD camera with custom Skype application for mobile video calling
  • Cross-platform interoperability, with Amazon apps available on a variety of devices and platforms including iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices
  • Dual stereo speakers with a Dolby Digital Plus audio platform
  • Bluetooth and HDMI compatibility
  • Support for several email providers, including Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail and more
Fire in the Enterprise?
Both the timing – a week before Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 and a rumored iPad mini – and the pricing – the most expensive of these new devices, the Kindle Fire HD 4G, will cost $299 – seem to be a move by Amazon into the enterprise mobile market.

Also the continued support of Exchange begs the question will the Kindle, with its low price point and other enhancements, have increased implications in business -- especially with adoption of BYOD.

In fact, Amazon already beating out some familiar names when it comes to corporate tablet usage.

In a supplement to Mobile Enterprise magazine, “State of the Enterprise Tablet Market,” which included research from ChangeWave’s 2012 Corporate IT Spending Trends survey, 4% of respondents indicated that Amazon tablets were provided by the company. That’s tied with Lenovo and ASUS and above HP and Dell, but way under the leader – Apple at 85%.

Other Offerings
A New E-Reader: In addition to its new HD offerings, Amazon has introduced the Kindle Paperwhite. The new e-reader features a 212 ppi display, 62% more pixels and 25% higher contrast than its predecessor. It also has a backlit display and a touch screen that uses a capacitive touch technology for a thinner form factor and better touch accuracy.

Standard Definition Kindle Fire: The standard definition Kindle Fire received an upgrade with a faster processor that accounts for a 40% faster performance, twice the memory and an extended battery life. The standard definition version also gives users access to many of the features of the HD version, including cross-platform interoperability and support for several email clients.


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