OnAsset Improves Wireless Cargo Tracking Platform

By Jessica Binns, Contributing Editor — May 11, 2012

OnAsset Intelligence, Inc., a provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless asset tracking, sensing, and control solutions, improved its Vision software platform. Now SENTRY tracking device users can visualize cargo shipments in transit by simply entering tracking numbers online.

"The major airlines and logistics companies that use Vision today each have their own customer base of freight forwarders and direct shippers who seek a fast and simple way to track their shipments through the supply chain," said Chris Robison, vice president of development and professional services for OnAsset Intelligence. "It's this audience that we have developed the additional functionality for so that accessing GPS and condition monitored shipments is no different than entering a tracking number to find out the delivery status of a package."

Vision's intuitive mapping capabilities visualize the conditions and location of any high-value asset tracked by OnAsset's SENTRY devices. Vision also enables administrators to set monitoring criteria, analyze the data sent from SENTRY devices in the field, and receive time and temperature sensitive condition alerts. This comprehensive feature set is utilized by 24x7 security, operations, and customer service centers who act on the information to quickly mitigate risk in the supply chain.

Now, with Vision's added functionality, response centers can provide their customers with access to the data visualization of the shipment by providing tracking numbers that can be entered online. This gives the end user data visibility into their specific shipments quickly. In addition, the call center activity at the response center reduces when shippers have access to delivery status in real time.

To track your shipments on Vision, visit https://tracking.onasset.com, and enter the tracking number. Users must have an active shipment with an assigned Air waybill number or the specific identification number provided by the freight forwarding service to view information.


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