Questar Gas Uses Mobile Solution to Improve Responsiveness to Danger Alerts

By Tony Rizzo, Editor in Chief — December 08, 2011

Questar Gas has expanded its use of mobile technology in order to deliver outstanding responsiveness to its customers for both scheduled and emergency calls.  To do so the company has deployed an expanded set of software capabilities from ClickSoftware's Service Optimization Suite, by recently implementing ClickMobile. ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. is a key provider of automated workforce-management and optimization solutions for the service industry. ClickSoftware is also pioneering a mobile apps storefront for assembling workforce management solutions.
In addition, the natural gas utility has selected ClickSoftware’s web-based enterprise mobility solution for its collection representatives for use on smart phones.  The deployment of this cutting-edge solution will help the utility meet its commitment to deliver efficient, reliable and safe natural gas service to more than 920,000 customers located across urban and rural locations in the western US.
"We very much appreciate the flexibility and capabilities of ClickSoftware’s products," said Scott Brown, Vice President of Operations at Questar Gas. "We receive thousands of service requests each day and Click’s mobility solution is able to efficiently schedules and routes our work. We rely on ClickSoftware’s Workforce Management platform to quickly handle the emergencies we receive daily from the initial notification to the resolution of the situation."
To respond quickly to emergency situations – with a 60 minute service standard to respond to emergency calls – Questar Gas leverages the real-time capabilities of ClickSchedule, ClickLocate, and ClickMobile. ClickLocate monitors the service technician’s GPS location which provides the dispatch team with clear, real-time visibility of field operations and allows real-time optimization based on the service technicians actual location.
ClickSchedule then automatically assigns and dispatches the order to the "best" service technician factoring in skills, travel time, and in-between job status. ClickMobile is accessed by the service technicians on wireless toughbooks to electronically report their work in the field. The fully integrated and dynamic solution set ensures Questar Gas customers receive fast and efficient response to emergency situations, the service standard is met, and the rest of the fleet remains well utilized.
Questar Gas is now working on a web-based mobile technology, also from ClickSoftware, for its customer service agents responsible for revenue collection. The corporate control, security and portability of the smart phone, combined with the capability to view all required information make the device ideal for this type of work. This end-to-end solution allows the company to seamlessly and rapidly manage the entire service-management chain.
Brown adds, "Our newest endeavor will provide our customer service agents with a tool small enough to take to the customer’s door for effective communication as well as immediate update to our billing system with the result of the call. ClickSoftware’s products provide us with strategic benefits and we will continue to look for opportunities to leverage their product suite to help us run our operation more efficiently."


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