Research Reveals a Call to Action for Measurable ROI

By  Michael Barbella — December 13, 2006

Companies with the most successful mobile business plans take a holistic approach to the solution and do not rely solely on recommendations from IT staff.

That is the conclusion of a survey conducted by research firm Aberdeen Group earlier this fall. Aberdeen polled 160 organizations around the world to better understand their pressures, challenges and approaches when creating and implementing an enterprise mobile strategy.

"The key to successfully developing a mobile strategy is to ensure that the strategy extends well beyond technology decisions to take into account the human factor of mobility and the needs to create a genuine relationship with the wireless service providers," states the report on the survey's findings, titled "Enterprise Mobile Adoption: A Corporate Conundrum."

While most businesses recognize the need for wireless devices and mobile solutions, many companies have been slow to implement a strategy. According to the report, 17 percent of the companies surveyed said they had no wireless adoptions plans completed or in the works. An additional 23 percent said they had not yet begun to implement a mobile strategy but plan to do so within the next 12 months.

The main reason for the lack of mobile strategies at these companies is the uncertainty of the business value of these solutions. The report says 72 percent of companies that do not have plans to develop a strategy and 63 percent of those planning to develop one in the next 12 months said they are not convinced that mobile strategies make good business sense.

"This statistic should be considered a call-to-action in terms of both wireless and mobile vendors as well as companies who have developed best in-class solutions to demonstrate the value that these solutions can provide," the report states. "Wireless carriers have an opportunity to not only show the value that these solutions can provide, but additionally that they are no longer cost prohibitive."

Some companies don't need wireless carriers to point out the business value of mobile strategies. The survey says 88 percent of companies with mobile plans in place have received an average 74 percent return on their mobile solution investments.

"People are just not understanding the value and the ROI of doing a mobile implementation," says Philippe Winthrop, author of the report.

Winthrop says he is surprised that more companies surveyed do not have a "measurement plan" in place to mirror their investments in mobile solutions--which 77 percent of those surveyed said they did not have.

Winthrop also was surprised that more companies did not have a business case checklist in place to justify the implementation of mobile strategies. The report says more than three in four organizations do not have a measurement plan in place, suggesting an "ad-hoc" approach to mobility solutions.

In addition, the report states more than three-quarters of companies surveyed did not hire a mobility consultant who could help justify the value of a mobile business solution. "That is a must because they have the expertise on what works and what doesn't work," Winthrop notes. "They can help bypass hurdles based on their expertise."

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