Research Roundup: Salaries, Market Stats & More

By  Susan Nunziata — October 21, 2008

From average salaries, to predictions about market size, Mobile Enterprise readers want to know what's going on. Herewith, we've compiled the top 5 research pieces that have garnered the most interest from our readers in recent months.
  1. 2008 Mobile Enterprise Salary Survey -- Mobile Enterprise Commissioned Lichtfield Research to uncover the average salaries for executives in our field.
  2. Teen Study Offers A Glimpse At The Mobile Workers Of Tomorrow -- This CTIA report on teen behavior will help you prepare for changing workforce expectations.
  3. U.S. Businesses To Spend $11.6 Billion On Mobile Apps By 2012 -- Encouraging news from CompassIntelligence
  4. Wireless Data Grows Up -- VDC Research tells us what this will mean for the enterprise/carrier relationship.
  5. (A Tie) 90 Million Touchscreen Phones to Be Sold Worldwide in 2009 -- As the ranks of new touchscreen devices continues to swell, here's some perspective from Strategy Analytics; Do You Live In A Tech-Savvy State? --  Utah tops the list of the most technologically advanced states, according to this study.

And, we just had to throw this one in for good measure:
Love Me, Love My PDA 
A Sheraton Resorts study finds that too many of us are taking our smartphones to bed.


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