RIM's New BlackBerry VMS Keeps the Enterprise Better Connected

By Gerard Longo, Assistant Editor — July 12, 2012

Research in Motion (RIM) has released the latest upgrade to BlackBerry's Mobile Voice System (MVS) and, in the process, has shown an ability to adapt to growing use of mobility in the workplace.

MVS 5.2 was announced on Thursday in an official press release. BlackBerry claims that the upgrade "provides greater reliability for MVS customers, improving their ability to make or take enterprise desk phone calls all over the world," and can do so anywhere where mobile internet is available.

The new version of MVS has several tools to help those who use BlackBerry for business purposes stay connected. This includes call forwarding and better coverage in areas that previously had poor BlackBerry coverage. Additionally, BlackBerry has added call timers that it says will allow successful connection from BlackBerry devices, even in areas where coverage is less-than-ideal or non-existent.

The upgrade also supports more business phone systems than MVS ever has before. The supported systems now include Siemens OpenScape v5, as well as Cisco Business Edition 5000 & 6000. The upgrade is also compatible with devices that have the BlackBerry Handheld 7.1 operating system, with the notable exceptions of BlackBerry 9220 and 9230 models..


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