Safety App Sends Automated "I'm Driving" SMS To Help Curtail Dangerous Epidemic

By PRESS RELEASE — May 06, 2010

In support of National No Phone Zone Day, Iconosys, Inc., a leader in the development of innovative mobile and stationary telecommunications applications and technologies, on April 29, 2010 announced the release of the SMS Replier-Lite featuring the free AutoDrive component -- a solution to the deadly texting-while-driving social epidemic that monitors the speed of a user's vehicle.

The SMS Replier-Lite application works by enhancing the existing and exponentially growing SMS network, by joining it with new services that are now available on the most popular Smartphone platforms such as real time traffic, mapping and GPS. Users can download the SMS Replier-Lite to their Smartphone via the Android Marketplace or by visiting the SMS Replier web site,

Other Smartphone platforms will be available shortly and users can pre-register for the product at

Unlike its market competitors, the SMS Replier AutoDrive function is offered free-of-charge as a powerful and versatile mobile phone application that knows when the user's vehicle is moving at a speed greater than 15 miles per hour. When enabled, the SMS Replier AutoDrive will automatically send a response to inbound calls and text messages. SMS Replier-Lite is a precursor to the upcoming retail release of SMS Replier, which in addition to numerous added safety features to be announced, will allow for calls and texts to be returned independently and in a personally customized fashion.

"Similar to the National No Phone Zone Day effort, our mission is to save lives by providing a much needed solution to the texting while driving epidemic," said Wayne Irving II, CEO of Iconosys and co-inventor of the SMS Replier application. "The SMS Replier is designed as an enhancement to the lifestyles of users without inconvenience and allows drivers to safely take advantage of the latest Smartphone technology while remaining focused on driving."

Texting while driving (TWD) continues to be one of the most dangerous threats on our nation's freeways, yet at any given time, over 800,000 people are engaged in this practice. Despite high-profile campaigns to discourage the practice, including Oprah Winfrey's "No Phone Zone" pledge drive which has attracted and signed nearly 2,000,000 pledges, TWD continues to cause untold damage on our nation's (and the world's) roadways. According to the National Health Transportation Safety Authority (NHTSA), distracted driving practices, including texting or reading emails while driving, accounted for approximately 6,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries in 2008 alone.

The SMS Replier-Lite GPS integration triggers the automatic text message response whenever a call arrives; the default reply of "I'm driving, I'll call or text you back as soon as I arrive at my destination" message for example. The SMS Replier-Lite is available on the Google Android, which features the fastest growing Smartphone platform, and RIM's BlackBerry, the established leader in corporate PEDs.

"SMS Replier eliminates the anxiety of not answering or replying to inbound texts on your mobile phone while driving, since you are reassured that the caller will be given your message of choice right away," said Irving. "In addition to the handy Texting-While-Driving integration, users can also set their mobile phones on auto-respond for a programmable period of time to accommodate other situations."

While at the movies, users don't have to worry about missing a call or text -- with just one click, an auto-response can say, "I'm at the movies, I'll call/text you later." SMS Replier-Lite comes with up to 25 pre-set convenience messages that are useful in a variety of circumstances, allowing users to automatically select easy text responses such as "in class," "in meeting," "golfing," or "busy."


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