SAP Solution Gives Performance Insight

— September 17, 2012

SAP released its Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) OnDemand solution, which enables business users to gain real-time insight into how their company is performing and adapt accordingly.

The first options for the solution deliver:

  • Expense insight: Department managers can understand the details of charges to their cost centers and can dispute and resolve miscoded, incorrect or duplicate expenses.
  • Real-time profit and loss (P&L) analysis: P&L reporting can be delivered at any level of detail by allocating costs based on consumption of resources.
  • Capital project planning: Both non-financial decision makers and financial experts can establish a complete picture of the financial consequences of capital investment projects and optimize the use of capital.
Future targeted options are planned to be delivered on a frequent basis.

The new solution is designed to complement existing SAP solutions for EPM, such as the company’s business planning and consolidation application, and the user interface (UI) is designed to let anyone begin using it on mobile devices. In addition, the EPM add-in for Microsoft Office can be used with the new solution, as well as version 10.0 of SAP solutions for EPM. This combination extends analysis capabilities for all users across cloud-based and existing on-premise applications.

Solutions like this can work across different sectors of the enterprise, says Joshua Greenbaum, principal of Enterprise Applications Consulting. “I talk regularly with people in both IT and finance, and while they have big initiatives in place they are also often focused on solving more discrete business problems. On-demand applications can be a great way to do this quickly and cost-effectively.”

The solution allows organizations to lower costs by reducing the time it takes to deploy and maintain new applications that integrate with existing systems. They can also permit non-technical employees to manage processes, enable employees to make more informed, faster decisions and provide more detailed visibility into operations and performance.


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