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By  Susan Nunziata — September 02, 2008

"God help us all." This is what one respondent to our August 2008 reader poll had to say when revealing that his enterprise is considering the iPhone 3G. We raised the question as reports percolated all summer about the connection difficulties that some iPhone 3G users are experiencing.

While it's certainly not enough data to make the folks at Gallup happy, the 57 survey responses we received do offer a valuable snapshot of what you're all thinking about iPhone 3G right now.

One respondent, who says he is considering iPhone for his enterprise, has this to say: "Hands down it's the easiest device for our users to operate in the field. Little to no learning curve."

Some enterprises are reluctant adopters, revealing that they're considering the device in order to please higher-ups.

Conversely, some who are not considering the device are quick to say they're not iPhone haters.

Yet, at least one respondent to last week's report suggests that Schadenfreude is at work when it comes to the magnification of iPhone's connection challenges.

"I am not sure what all of the noise is about with iPhone problems," says Mark Strickland, CISSP. "It seems Apple is being held to a higher standard than other mobile phones. Yes, they have some issues but for a 'fully converged' device none are better. I am an Apple convert including a Macbook with VMware.  I do lots of software development on this machine and OS X makes Windows better than a native install. So nobody makes much noise about most of the other Windows Mobile 'junk' devices, why is the iPhone such a good target?"

The upshot? Nearly two thirds of you (63.2%) say you're not considering iPhone for your enterprise. But everybody agrees on one point: it is an undeniably cool device.

Additional Comments From Survey Respondents:

Those respondents who say they're not considering iPhone for their enterprise have this to say:

  • "It doesn't provide security and control for the enterprise."
  • "We were [considering it] but I tested it and we will no longer be considering the device because of the difficult size of the keyboard. It should rotate to allow more room, like the web pages rotate."
  • "Although this is a 'cool' device and there is lots of consumer demand, until this works as consistently as a BlackBerry and requires little to no support, we won't be introducing these into our company. I have owned one and tested it, so we're not iPhone haters; just realists on meeting the expectations of our internal customers."
  • "With no real line-of-business story (around apps or connectivity to existing infrastructure), how could I recommend to upper management?"
  • "Not reliable enough for enterprise use"
  • "iTunes may be wonderful and scalable, but it is not an enterprise ready or scaled provisioning and control system. Look at the Blackberry Enterprise Server or Microsoft's new System Center Mobile Device Manager to see what I'm talking about. Cool personal tool and toy, but not ready for business primetime."
  • "We considered using iPhones, but there are too many restrictions on how you can use the device and AT&T's network is just not up to snuff on 3G coverage."
  • "Why should I?"
  • "The connection problems in the news are too ubiquitous for us to gamble on the iPhone right now. If Apple solves the problem with AT&T, it could be a strong contender for our enterprise."
  • "Does not Support Lotus Notes."
Respondents who say they are considering it for their enterprise share these thoughts:

  • "I have been using an iPhone for the past month with no probelms at all.  Maybe I just got one with good chips!"
  • "Not by choice...higher ups just thinks it's so cool -- what better reason could there be?"
  • "The connectivity issues are a concern with the iPhone. Although tests within our enterprise show a consistently excellent connection and throughput speeds not only with the iPhone, but the 3G network has been most impressive. We have been using the 3G network for five months with excellent results using devices other than iPhone."
  • "By popular demand we have to."
  • "All current tests and thoughts though is this will never work for our executives. They will never tolerate the problems."
  • "We have enough problems with 3G in general. iPhone introduces too much risk and additional problems -- not including cost!"
The survey is now closed. If you'd like to share your thoughts on the topic, or tell us about your experiences using iPhone 3G in your enterprise, email


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