Solution Eases BYOD for Employees and IT

— November 01, 2012

Splashtop for Business solution enables organizations to provide and manage remote access for their mobile workforce. Mobile employees can use the solution remotely access office productivity applications and data from their smartphones and tablets.

"As the consumerization of IT takes hold, technical innovation is shifting from the data center to the employee,” said Simon Bramfitt, founder and principal analyst with Entelechy Associates. “Individual employees are taking advantage of BYOD programs to extend work from the desktop to the coffee shop and to their homes."

The solution provides IT departments with an on-premise solution to address the growing use of mobile devices in the workplace by combining performance and an intuitive user interface with a management console. The solution supports iOS, Android and Windows 8, allowing users to access their data and programs while ensuring interoperability.

With support for multiple devices, the solution also allows IT departments the ability to establish more efficient mobility strategies to lower their IT costs and increase the productivity and overall satisfaction of their workforce.

Key features include:

  • On-premise server: Secure management console installed behind the corporate firewall
  • Hardened security: SSL/AES encryption with signed certificates; audit trail with detailed connection records
  • Rapid deployment: Deployment in as little as one hour with no need to modify IT infrastructure
  • Legacy support: Support for existing applications to run on mobile devices
  • Pooling: Grouping of desktop images for shared use and ease of management
  • Active Directory (AD): Integration with an existing AD database
  • High performance: Up to 30 frames per second video and less than 30-millisecond latency
  • Intuitive interface: Simple gestures implemented for touch-based mobile devices
  • Self-optimizing network: Optimal use of bandwidth on a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network
  • Multi-platform: Support for major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
A Head Start
Splashtop had offered prospective users a preview version of the solution through its “Early Access” program. Companies participating in the program have been using the preview version of the solution to address business needs, including:
  • A mobile VPN replacement
  • IT remote support
  • A mobile interactive whiteboard
  • BYOD and work from home capabilities
  • A 3D and CAD/CAM remote mobile solution
  • “Tabletization” of Microsoft Office software and legacy corporate software
  • “Last mile” extension for VDI and RDP environments
  • The ability to share resources among employees


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