Sprint and Calgary Scientific Introduce Mobile Medical Imaging Solution to Healthcare Providers

— September 27, 2010

Sprint and Calgary Scientific have partnered to market a medical imaging solution that could contribute to better patient outcomes, faster treatment decisions, and a reduced financial burden on long-term patient care.
Calgary Scientific, an innovator in advanced visualization solutions and Web-enabling platforms, and Sprint, will offer ResolutionMD Mobile, powered by PureWeb, to provide physicians with advanced visualization of medical images directly on their HTC EVO 4G. ResolutionMD Mobile is HIPAA compliant, and Calgary Scientific is seeking FDA approval for diagnostics in the hand-held device category.
In acute scenarios, ResolutionMD Mobile powered by PureWeb could speed access to patient information and medical images, potentially cutting healthcare administrative costs and improving the odds of saving lives. For example, in the United States, stroke is the number three leading cause of death and the number one discharge diagnosis to chronic care facilities, costing over $70 billion each year. One of the greatest challenges facing acute stroke care is access to neurological expertise, particularly in remote and rural settings. Without access to a neurologist, the vast majority of patients that would benefit from direct access to this expertise go untreated. With ResolutionMD Mobile provided on HTC EVO 4G, attending or acute care physicians can have real-time access to specialists such as neurologists, regardless of where the physicians and patients are located.
Sprint converged its wireline IP network and 3G and 4G wireless networks to create a single, secure platform for the imaging solution. According to Tim Donahue, Sprint vice president-Industry Solutions, ResolutionMD Mobile and the PureWeb platform harness the power of the Sprint networks to provide state-of-the-art healthcare. "As our nation's population ages, and the number of people with acute care requirements and chronic illnesses continue to grow, mobile technologies can enable caregivers to treat patients remotely and in a more cost-effective manner," says Donahue. "Our strategy is to provide a holistic communications environment that enables caregivers to access the information they need within the hospital or anywhere in the country covered by the Sprint 3G or 4G networks or Wi-Fi."
In addition to providing instant access to patient images, ResolutionMD Mobile will also provide reports and high-quality video for clinical consultations so physicians can provide patients with bedside care from remote locations.
Providing physicians with remote access to medical records has traditionally been fraught with significant obstacles. One of the largest concerns is that data stored on laptops or handheld devices could be easily copied, putting security and patient confidentiality at risk. PureWeb, the underlying technology, uses advanced architecture that doesn't require image data or confidential patient information to be transferred to the handheld device. Patient or DICOM data is never removed from the on-site premises; it remains in the cloud. If an HTC EVO 4G or handheld device is lost or stolen, the patient records and data remain safe.
The companies are in the process of certifying ResolutionMD Mobile on the Samsung Epic 4G, Sprint's second 4G-capable handset.


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