T-Mobile Helps Businesses Manage Wireless Initiatives

— August 25, 2011

T-Mobile USA, Inc. expanded its support for business and government customers with a suite of B2B solutions that offer features to help businesses manage their wireless telecommunications programs more efficiently and cost effectively. The solutions include options for enterprise messaging, telecom expense management, secure mobile data access, and enterprise device security and management.
T-Mobile has partnered with Good Technology to offer a solution that makes it easy for IT administrators to secure company information across a variety of mobile devices. Good for Enterprise from T-Mobile provides increased control and flexibility, end-to-end security, and improved collaboration and productivity.

Good for Enterprise offers a device-agnostic security solution that operates across several of the most popular handheld device platforms, including Android, Windows Mobile, and other popular operating systems taking into account IT security and control.
Good’s container-based approach is designed to prevent data from being leaked out to other non-secure applications. Private company data is only stored within the Good application and is isolated from personal data that may reside in other applications on the device. The solution can be attached to corporate-liable, individual-liable or government-liable smartphone data plan.
The T-Mobile Global Expense Management solution, powered by Ezwim helps to manage the assets and costs of an organization’s mobile devices and fixed lines. The cloud-based, Web-enabled solution, with zero installation requirements, delivers detailed spend and usage analysis across multiple levels to provide a comprehensive view of the business’ overall telecom expenses.
T-Mobile’s enterprise messaging solution offers bulk SMS for business customers such as IT, medical, and field force industries whose operations require secure, reliable messaging capabilities including return receipt and delivery confirmation.
Building on T-Mobile’s current SMTP and TAP messaging offers, this IP-based solution includes support for the SNPP, WCTP, and SMPP protocols. Customers can send alerts and communications from EIT departments to their end-user bases, such as hospital dispatches for patient appointments or IT alarms to technicians and engineers in the field.
T-Mobile is also introducing secure mobile data access for its business customers, including private APN capabilities and static IP solutions. The specialized solution enables a business customer’s wireless device to be routed securely to the corporate network with the added ability to monitor their devices through a management portal.
For more information about T-Mobile’s business offerings visit http://www.t-mobile.com/business/solutions.aspx.


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