Tallying Mobile Field Service ROI? There's a Calculator for That

— March 10, 2011

PiiComm Inc. announces a new feature on its Web site, a new interactive Return on Investment (ROI) Tool that will help users calculate estimates on their return from implementing a complete mobility solution for field service operations. 

Users can enter their own data about their company's size and average figures for employee and vehicle cost per hour and the interactive ROI calculator will provides estimates back regarding ROI break-even point, net cost savings, time savings, and other useful data. 

"The new ROI tool on our Web site is an extremely useful tool for companies wanting to build a case to move ahead with their mobility project. The cost and time savings from automating field service operations is huge. There is always payback and in a relatively short period of time," says Shawn Sicard, CEO, PiiComm Inc. "Mobilizing your operations results in elimination of paperwork, accessing real-time data on-site allowing technicians or mobile workers to complete the job in one visit versus several visits which ultimately leads to increased productivity, cost savings and the best part--increased customer satisfaction."

By seeing the ROI PiiComm can offer, prospects and clients are better able to understand the net cost savings and time savings that are associated with complete enterprise mobility solutions.


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