Teen Study Offers A Glimpse At The Mobile Workers Of Tomorrow

By  By Susan Nunziata — September 16, 2008

Nearly eight out of every 10 U.S. teenagers (79%) have a mobile device, and 15% of them are smartphones, according to a new report from Harris Interactive for the CTIA.

The study, which polled 2,000 teens aged 13-19, provides valuable insight into a demographic that will be hitting the workforce in the next five to 10 years. Is your enterprise ready for them? And what changes will this mobile generation bring to the business world?

Indeed, 55% of teens expect the cellphone to change the structure of how people work, envisioning a future where there are almost no offices and commuting involved.

Two thirds say they expect cell phones to improve our health and safety by having medical records, hospitals and rescue workers all aware of critical information.

In addition, 41% of teens expect the mobile way of purchasing--by eliminating money and credit cards--will transform the economy.

Nearly three quarters (72%) are using their cellphone to browse the web, primarily for email and social networking sites.

The biggest motivator for carrying a cellphone is simply 'It's the way I stay in touch," according to 89% of respondents.

If texting were no longer offered, 47% of teens say this would end their social life.

Given a full Qwerty keyboard, 72% of teen smartphone users say they can text while blindfolded.

More than two thirds (67%) say they will have a mobile phone for as long as they live, while 41% say they are concerned about privacy and security issues while using a mobile. In fact, 80% of teens say it's important to have security that guarantees that only you have access to data on your phone.

More than half (57%) say having a cellphone has improved their quality of life, while 52% say that communicating with friends has become a new form of entertainment.

In addition to voice calling and text/SMS messaging, other key phone features for teens are camera and calendar functions. The ideal phone will have these features:

  • iPod/MP3 player
  • GPS
  • Desktop/laptop computer
  • Portable video player
  • The ability to access your desk/phonebook/computer files from anywhere.
For more on the report, click here.


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