TeleNav Shotgun GPS Automates Mileage Tracking

By PRESS RELEASE — January 28, 2009

TeleNav, Inc., the largest wireless navigation services provider in North America, announced today that it has added new features to its recently launched TeleNav Shotgun, a two-way, Internet-connected GPS personal navigation device (PND) developed for business travelers. Customers can now track miles driven using TeleNav Shotgun, saving valuable time and resources they may have otherwise spent compiling expense reports. TeleNav Shotgun now also provides customers with ratings and reviews for various points of interest (POIs), including restaurants, hotels and shopping malls, and allows customers to rate the POIs directly from their device.

"Our team is constantly thinking about technology that we can create to make travelers' lives easier," said Sal Dhanani, co-founder and senior director of marketing for TeleNav. "Many of us are frequent travelers ourselves, so we know the pain. TeleNav Shotgun is not just another GPS device. It's a business tool."

Mileage capture and business reviews are available to any TeleNav Shotgun customer using TeleNav Connected Service(SM). Mileage capture allows users to track miles driven with one click on their TeleNav Shotgun device. A driver can record mileage on specific routes or can simply start and stop tracking miles at any time when receiving turn-by-turn navigation or while in map 'follow me' mode. Users can attribute mileage captured to any client, job or other notation they choose. From their PC, they, or an assistant, can log into My TeleNav to view and download reports as Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF files. Mileage information can remain available on My TeleNav for up to 24 months.

Additionally, before they head to a restaurant or make a reservation at a hotel, users can now check business ratings and reviews from their TeleNav Shotgun. A variety of POIs include reviews, such as bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and museums. TeleNav Shotgun also allows users to rate businesses themselves directly from their Shotgun device.

Current TeleNav Shotgun customers with TeleNav Connected Service will automatically receive an alert on their device to download the new features over the wireless network at no additional cost.

Through TeleNav Connected Service, TeleNav Shotgun monitors traffic conditions along drivers' routes in major areas and proactively searches for congestion or incidents. Users will be alerted to traffic delays, both audibly and on-screen, and can choose an alternative route to their location with one touch. Users can also access specific incident information and determine the traffic speed / flow of major highways along their route. TeleNav Shotgun even displays an updated estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on traffic, speeds and distance.

TeleNav Connected Service also provides access to up-to-date content (maps and local search data) so users do not have to separately download new information. TeleNav Shotgun comes with 11 million POIs, one of the largest databases of business listings available on a PND. Categories are easy to search and include a variety of locations, including restaurants, hotels, airports, Wi-Fi hot spots and regular gas price updates. Users can also type in the name of a specific business. Business listings include phone numbers, so customers can save money on 411 charges if they need to call ahead.

Users can also preplan trips, save addresses and manage accounts online at My TeleNav. Customers can save locations in their 'My Favorites' folder, which will be automatically downloaded on their device the next time it is turned on. Additionally, the new My TeleNav Internet browser plug-in for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google toolbars provides users an easy way to send addresses to their TeleNav Shotgun from any Web page. Users can simply highlight an address and click the TeleNav button on their toolbar. The address will be automatically added to My TeleNav for later use on the TeleNav Shotgun. Online access also means administrative assistants can help preplan business trips for the busy executives they support.

With the TeleNav Connected Service, TeleNav Shotgun users can take advantage of upgrades without having to purchase a new device(1). Updates will be delivered via the wireless network, so users don't have to deal with the hassle of connecting cables and downloading software on a PC.

TeleNav Connected Service includes real-time traffic alerts, Internet search with over 11 million business listings, updated maps, online preplanning, and access to selected new features when they are available.

Options for service plans include:

  • 2 Year Plan: $239 (equivalent to $9.96 per month)
  • 1 Year Plan: $129 (equivalent to $10.75 per month)
  • Month to Month: $11.99 per month
Device owners not wishing to subscribe to TeleNav Connected Service following the three-month free period included with their purchase will be able to use the TeleNav Shotgun for GPS-enabled turn-by-turn navigation but will not have access to connected features such as real-time traffic and online preplanning.


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