Tests Show InnerWireless Horizon WLAN Platform Delivers Improved Throughput

By PRESS RELEASE — January 20, 2009

InnerWireless  Inc., the premier provider of Converged Wireless solutions announced that independent testing of its Horizon distributed antenna system (DAS) with a layered WLAN architecture (L-DAS) delivers significant WLAN operating and financial improvements to enterprises that have high-bandwidth needs for supporting mission- and life-critical wireless applications.
Novarum, which provides service-level performance and independent validation of wireless broadband networks, tested an enterprise wireless LAN system based on 802.11 infrastructure deployed in a conventional microcellular architecture, and the same system deployed using InnerWireless' architecture. Novarum reported that the InnerWireless L-DAS allows users to organize client traffic into different isolated layers, which leads to better overall network performance; during the tests, Novarum also found that the L-DAS delivered more than double the data throughput of discrete microcellular systems.
"The test results clearly show that enterprises can gain significant benefit by deploying WLAN on InnerWireless, including better coverage, higher throughput, and lower application contention all of which are essential for mission- and life-critical applications," said InnerWireless Chief Technology Officer Jim McCoy. "Equally important is that L-DAS also gives users the ability to optimize their WLAN by separating traffic by radio protocols. For example, users can continue to use their existing APs to provide legacy application support while at the same time add new radios for optimizing new protocols. This allows an enterprise to efficiently add capacity when needed."

Novarum reported several key findings from its testing, including:
  • Horizon allowed organization of client traffic into different isolated layers, and this led to better performance.
  • Horizon allowed the delivery of more than double the data capacity of the discrete microcellular system in our tests.
  • Horizon exhibited lower interference between APs in the same system than the microcellular system.
  • The clients on Horizon exhibited more uniform and predictable performance.
  • On all of the voice tests, the clients on Horizon had much lower jitter and slightly better MOS scores.
  • Horizon did not compromise the basic functionality of the Wireless LAN system. All of the expected features worked well on the L-DAS.
  • Roaming, voice support, QoS mechanisms and 802.11a/b/g and 802.11n (with 20 or 40 MHz channels) worked on Horizon with the same clients and software as the discrete microcellular system.
"Earlier this year, InnerWireless expanded its product offering by embedding Cisco WLAN products into our Horizon platform to give healthcare customers the convenience of a single vendor with the tools and technologies needed to accelerate their wireless transformation. The Novarum research highlights the types of benefits that enterprises can expect from the InnerWireless Horizon offering," said Michael Campbell, senior vice president of corporate development for InnerWireless. "By combining Cisco technology with InnerWireless technology and world-class deployment expertise, healthcare customers have a solution that is unparalleled."
A growing number of hospitals in the U.S. are choosing to deploy Horizon L-DAS to solve their wireless challenges. Supporting a broad spectrum of WWAN and WLAN services, including cellular/PCS, two-way radios, paging, 802.11 a/b/g/n, voice over IP and whole-house medical telemetry, Horizon ensures seamless integration with advancing technologies and applications while providing a secure wireless future for the hospital.
InnerWireless is the premier end-to-end in-building wireless solution provider for healthcare, enterprise, hospitality/gaming and government markets. With Horizon -- a broadband, Converged Wireless platform -- InnerWireless ensures the delivery of Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN) and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) services including cellular/PCS, fire/life/safety, Wi-Fi and medical telemetry -- guaranteed. Designed expressly for mission- and life-critical wireless applications, Horizon's comprehensive, single antenna infrastructure enables pervasive coverage and optimized capacity with an eco-friendly"green" design and an industry leading warranty. InnerWireless also collaborates with key industry partners to enable the delivery of turnkey solutions.
As a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, specializing in Wireless LAN technology, InnerWireless provides and supports Cisco WLAN solutions. As an AeroScout Gold-Level Value Added Reseller, InnerWireless can deliver the latest in location-based solutions. With a complete end-to-end solution, InnerWireless helps achieve a new and lasting degree of wireless freedom.


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