TextBuster Uses Bluetooth to Prevent Distracted Driving

— December 20, 2012

Texting and driving has become a well-known epidemic. But, even though we all know how dangerous it is to take our eyes off the road for just a few seconds, the temptation to see what message came in when our phones chime or to send a quick note to a friend before we forget is often too great to ignore. TextBuster eliminates the potential for human error when it comes to texting and driving.

Through BlueTooth technology, TextBuster recognizes each time a user enters his or her vehicle and sends a blocking signal to that person's phone to disable all data functions including: text messaging, email and Internet access. When TextBuster is engaged, phones are only capable of making and receiving calls, or providing GPS mapping.

The TextBuster system consists of a simple to install hardware device that remains in in vehicle at all times and a password protected app that is installed on the user's phone. The password prevents any tampering or removal of the app without the account supervisor's permission. And, if a car is used by multiple drivers with numerous cell phones one TextBuster device can be programmed to recognize each driver and his or her phone whenever that person enters the car.

In addition to blocking texting and emailing, parents of teens who are new drivers can use TextBuster to monitor when, where and how their child is driving. TextBuster's tracking features allow parents to pre-set conditions that will trigger email alerts if violated including: location, time and speed. For example, parents can use TextBuster to notify them if their child is driving past 10 p.m. or if the child takes the car for a spin on the highway when he or she is only supposed to be driving on surface streets. Parents can also log in to their account online to view a driving history for the TextBuster.

TextBuster retails for $179 and can be purchased at www.textbuster.com. There is no monthly fee for using TextBuster, and an unlimited number of phones can be set up to work with one device.


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