Top 10 Headlines of Q2

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — July 21, 2013

Microsoft may be No. 3 in the mobile space, having recently knocked BlackBerry down a spot according to IDC, but it’s our No. 1 headline for the second quarter of 2013. The company also grabbed the No. 10 spot. It’s clear the enterprise wants Microsoft to work in mobile, as most businesses run some form of its software and services, but as the stories (and as evident by a more recent reorganization and reported financials) show, it’s hardly been a success so far.

In other news over the last three months, three top 10 lists rule this one — apps, myths and iOS7. Plus Samsung played all its enterprise cards and Google experimented.

  1. Microsoft Goes Back to Start
    With Windows 8 failing to set the world on fire, Microsoft rethinks its "bet the company" move.
  2. PepsiCo Optimizes Field with Apple and Apps
    With mobility defined as a key plank for innovation and growth, the food and drink giant transformed the way its North America Beverages division works.
  3. Ransomware Holds Android Hostage
    Symantec reports a new threat where users suddenly find their smartphone locked until a “ransom” – otherwise known as a payment – is made.
  4. Top 10 Apps for Business
    While custom enterprise apps are increasing, some business apps don't need to be recreated, and with BYOD, employees are seeking out the tools they need to make to work. Here's a view of the top apps for Android, iOS, BB10 and Windows.
  5. 10 Features of iOS7
    "You are going to love iOS7" — so said Tim Cook at the opening of the Apple developers conference on June 10. "The new but instantly familiar" operating system is said to be the biggest change to iPhone since its introduction.
  6. Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Myths Busted
    Companies stand to limit their mobile vision (and success!) if they buy into commonly cited fallacies around strategy and solutions. What are the trues and falses of moving ahead?
  7. Tablets Take Over
    PCs are not just down, they are disappearing as both a consumer choice and as a corporate option. Tablets are officially taking over, but what are they really doing in the enterprise?
  8. Google Fiber Plans for Impact
    In it for the long term, Google makes Provo, UT the third U.S. city to join its super-fast fiber optic network. Is this just an experiment or the start of a disrupting trend?
  9. Samsung’s Galaxy is the Enterprise
    The company opened an Executive Briefing Center for a hands-on B2B experience, and reorganized and aligned internally to ‘live and win the enterprise.’
  10. Microsoft on Mobility: It’s Complicated
    With a range of devices and services, including smaller tablets, on the way, Microsoft is finally entering the "new era of mobile computing."


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