TouchPal Now Available for Windows 8

— March 09, 2013

Application developer CooTek has released the Windows 8 version of its free intelligent keyboard, TouchPal Keyboard. The app features the same capabilities as the developer's existing Android and iOS apps including sliding input, contextual prediction, blind typing and extendible plugins. It also adds the option for a fully customizable split keyboard layout.

TouchPal Keyboard runs on Windows 8 touchscreen tablets and any x86 based Windows 8 computer.

The app's slide/swipe technology is designed so users can accurately type words without lifting a finger. The contextual prediction analyzes the sentence context and each user's unique input to predict words.

Other features include:

Blind typing: The prediction technology allows users to type without looking at their touchscreens by correcting mistyping based on the keys you pressed and the context.

Extendable Plug-ins: Users can share text on Twitter straight from the keyboard, or add other plug-ins of their choice.

Bigger keyboard: TouchPal Keyboard uses T+ dual-letter layout, which offers a bigger screen than similar apps using QWERTY keyboards.

Quick symbol/number input: Users can slide their fingers up or down to input a number or symbol instead of toggling between different keyboards.

The TouchPal Keyboard is the default keyboard for HTC One X and New Desire devices, the Sony Xperia Ion, Huawei Honor and Ascend devices, and ZTE Fury and Blade devices.


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