Two New Products from AirTight Networks

By Gerard Longo, Assistant Editor — July 27, 2012

On Wednesday, AirTight Networks announced the launch of an 802.11n Wi-Fi access solution that it says is the only cloud-managed, enterprise-class solution of its kind embedded with AirTight wireless intrusion and prevention technology.

According to an official press release from AirTight, the company’s new C60 platform combines access and security onto one platform and ‘eliminates security gaps in all Wi-Fi access products, making for “the most flexible, secure and lowest cost enterprise-grade Wi-Fi on the market today.”

"With AirTight, cost and security are not mutually exclusive. AirTight is now providing distributed enterprises with a WLAN plus WIPS solution that can easily scale to tens of thousands of APs, can be managed in the cloud and deployed cost effectively," said David King, Chairman and CEO of AirTight. "Providing a high-performance software configurable AP with embedded security creates a new paradigm for deploying enterprise-class Wi-Fi.  AirTight pioneered wireless intrusion prevention and PCI compliance scanning in the cloud and providing both APs and full WIPS security concurrently in this new platform is a natural progression of that leadership."

The new AirTight C60 platform is a dual radio, dual concurrent device that can serve as a cloud-based Wi-Fi access point and a dedicated WIPS. This technology allows the device to operate both 802.11n AP and dedicated WIPS scanning capabilities concurrently or separate from one another, and the WIPS sensor can also scan 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies from the same device.

Business-Specific Solutions

AirTight’s C60 platform allows businesses several cloud options, depending on what works best for their individual needs. These options include a multi-tenant public cloud, a customer-specific private cloud or an on-premise VMware or server appliance.

Additionally, AirTight introduced a customizable HTML5 user interface (UI) in conjunction with the launch of the C60 platform. The HTML5 UI allows network administrators to create WLAN settings from scratch that work optimally for their particular businesses, and also lets administrators customize dashboards, create location-based management and custom reporting in an efficient manner.

"AirTight's HTML5 UI revolutionizes that by bringing flexibility and simplicity to wireless LAN administration, so the WLAN works for you instead of you working for it," said Jatin Parekh, Vice President of Product Management at AirTight. "AirTight Wi-Fi can be managed across any geographically distributed enterprise, such as retail, hospitality, financial services or educational organizations, and is infinitely scalable."


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