Updated Verizon Service Provides Single User-based Management Platform

— October 11, 2012

As employees increasingly use a variety of corporate and personal mobile devices to conduct business, global enterprises face the challenge of securing and enabling access to sensitive corporate information across all of the devices. To address this challenge, Verizon has expanded its Enterprise Mobility as a Service offering to provide support for managing a wide variety of applications, access options and devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The offering will roll out this month to medium and large businesses in 30 countries and territories in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, with local billing, currency and support options available. The offering features:

  • Secure Workspace: Employs Divide by Enterproid to separate and secure professional data on both corporate-issued and employee-owned devices.  The secure workspace can be managed by an IT organization while maintaining user privacy by creating a firewall between business and personal data.
  • New Mobile Device Management: MDM has been extended to smartphones and tablets so they can be locked, wiped of corporate information and controlled remotely by a central administrator.  Previously, this feature was only available on laptop and desktop computers.
  • Expanded Wi-Fi Offload Access: Enables Verizon Enterprise Solutions subscribers to connect to more than 500,000 “hot spots” in 90 countries and places around the world. The service automatically configures connections to provide quick and cost-effective access to corporate resources.  In addition, customers can configure and deploy corporate Wi-Fi directories across their devices to make more effective use of corporate mobile data networks when employees are at their own offices or campuses.
"Companies have had to cobble together the essential requirements to employ effective enterprise mobility policies and programs," said Bill Versen, director of mobility solutions for Verizon Enterprise Solutions. "Now, companies can leverage a single user-based management platform to outfit a global workforce to successfully navigate the changing business landscape for greater productivity."

The solution creates a package of capabilities that is available by subscription and priced on a per-user basis. Customers pay a single monthly charge per user, regardless of the number of devices authorized for an individual's business use.  

The cloud-based management capabilities of the solution make it easier for IT managers to secure both mobile and stationary computing devices by automatically pushing software updates, IT policies and patches across a global enterprise workforce. The service also provides up-to-date, detailed inventory reports on all hardware, software and devices on corporate-owned equipment.

In addition, a self-service portal allows employees to download authorized enterprise apps to enable simple adoption of multiple services that can be readily applied for greater productivity.


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