Upgraded MDM Solution Delivers End-to-End

— October 11, 2012

Communications lifecycle management (CLM) software provider Tangoe, Inc. released mobile device management (MDM) software version 12.2 (MDM v12.2). The latest enhancements deliver an end-to-end solution for mobile device provisioning, security and policy enforcement, MAM, secure enterprise content management, mobile device containerization and real-time expense management, all via a centralized and redesigned user interface. In addition, the suite is accompanied by several enterprise-grade MDM managed services.

According to Wayne DeCesaris, senior vice president of managed solutions with Tangoe. “The proliferation of mobile devices, combined with pressure from employees to adopt bring your own device (BYOD) functionality, has dramatically expanded the scope of IT capabilities that encompass enterprise mobility management. Today’s businesses require more than single-point software solution capabilities. They require bottom-line results and a scalable partner enabling them to efficiently and accurately manage their mobile communications environments.”

IT management is challenged to balance employee demands, which encompass BYOD, access to enterprise resources via customized business applications, and real-time collaboration while protecting corporate data and preventing unnecessary costs. The upgrade enables compliance enforcement that protects enterprise infrastructure and data, reduces wireless costs, and securely enables mobile employees to be more productive and efficient.

New and enhanced capabilities of the upgrade include:

  • Integration with Tangoe Wireless Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Portal: By integrating TEM’s device procurement process with its device management process, the upgrade ensures that only devices approved by procurement are provisioned. Conversely, the TEM platform can receive application lists, device memory status and real-time usage statistics. This two-way integration provides a unified user experience for end-to-end mobile policy compliance, and it reduces administrative cycles when approved mobile devices are procured via the TEM portal.
  • Security and Policy Compliance: Through patented rules framework automation, the solution enables a variety of mobile security capabilities, including secure VPN and Wi-Fi communication, IT policy and password enforcement, device blocking, remote lock, wipe and reset, and locate functionality from a single command and control center. Enforcement spans corporate-liable and individual-liable devices by limiting access to Exchange for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices until the device is in compliance with corporate requirements. Tangoe has also extended its support of enterprise security standards, such as security assertion markup language (SAML), for user authentication and the ability to access multiple enterprise resources via a single sign-on.
  • End-User Self Help: The solution provides an end-user self-service portal that enables self-registration, self-help support tools, and self-administration. The upgrade enables provisioning instructions and account administration by device type, providing customized self-help tools to users.
  • Application Management: The upgrade enables secure delivery of public and custom-built, approved applications for business, employee, and shared devices through an IT customizable enterprise app portal. It allows mobile device blocking filters based on the presence or absence of an application, delivering compliance for mobile applications on the device in order to protect enterprise infrastructure and data.
  • Content Management: Authorized users can securely access, browse, preview, edit, and search files on corporate file SharePoint servers. The upgrade enables approved smart devices to have the capability for secure syncing and sharing of documents, along with end-to-end mobile data governance, without compromising the native user experience.
  • Containerization: The upgrade enables device containerization, which separates corporate and personal data on iOS and Android smart devices. The platform secures corporate data, protects against malware, and prevents unauthorized access via security policies that are tailored by employee group and distributed to devices over the air.
  • Real-Time Expense Management (rTEM): The solution incorporates rTEM functionality that enables IT staff to monitor, report, and analyze data, voice, SMS and roaming consumption across an organization’s entire mobile fleet in real-time. It provides usage alerts and reporting of the device’s “plan vs. billing” status, a geofence boundary crossing alert for asset management, and IT administrator alerts when a device is roaming and approaching usage limit thresholds.
  • New User Interface: The user interface has been redesigned to aid navigation, offering enhanced user/device list management, profile management, and integration with enterprise resource sections. The new interface allows IT administrators to gauge the status of their entire MDM environment, including information about blocked devices, inventory, applications and alerts.


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