Voxofon Ventures Into VoIP for Smart Phones

By PRESS RELEASE — March 06, 2009

Individuals with friends and family abroad and businesses with international operations have long been aware of the considerable cost savings of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Now, with the recent addition of transparent applications for smart phones, VoIP technology is moving into the mainstream, offering international callers an attractive combination of low rates and convenience.

Many people still think Internet calling means wearing headphones and sitting in front of a computer, but the latest and most exciting applications of this technology can be downloaded directly onto a BlackBerry or an Android phone, such as T-Mobile's G1 phone, becoming a seamless part of the phone's operation.

One of the first companies to make this technology available is Voxofon LLC - whose VoIP application has earned the highest ratings on the Android Market, where G1 phone users download applications. The company recently introduced an identical application for BlackBerrys, aiming for business customers with overseas operations. 

Voxofon has made its BlackBerry and Android application easy to test, with instructions and a short video showing how to use the service on its website. BlackBerry users can open the website on their phone to download and install the application.

After installation, a user of either phone can begin making calls immediately. The company offers the lowest prices of any comparable service, with international calls beginning at 1.3 cents per minute and no additional fees or monthly subscriptions. And Voxofon offers the most calling options, such as setup for a call-back to any phone the user designates.

Alexey Goloshubin, president and CEO of Voxofon, says he expects the BlackBerry application to be especially attractive to business customers. "BlackBerrys are the most widely used hand-held device in the business community, and with a struggling economy, companies with offices or customers abroad should welcome the tremendous cost savings available through this service, as well as its ease-of-use," he said. "Users can simply place calls on the phone as usual, using the phone's address book or keypad, and Voxofon will automatically re-route the international calls."

Voxofon is known for its wide range of international calling services that allow customers to call using their computer, their land line, their cell phone or a smart phone, including a convenient web application for iPhoneTM.

Calls can be made from a PC with no requirement for special software, and Voxofon customers can use their accounts as virtual calling cards. The company even offers a service that provides local phone numbers in 54 countries, allowing customers to make international calls while paying the local rate.


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