Xplore Unveils New Group of Xtreme Rugged Tablets

— May 11, 2011

Xplore Technologies Corp., a provider of next-generation rugged tablet PCs for domestic and global markets, announced the launch of its new family of Xtreme Tablet computers. Representing the fifth generation of its iX104 line, the iX104C5s are powerful, rugged, and sunlight-readable PCs.

“Today, this line of iX104C5s sets new benchmarks for rugged tablet computing,” says Mark Holleran, president and COO of Xplore. “When you are working in extreme conditions, you need the toughest ‘rugged’ you can get. That’s Xplore.”
The iX104C5 family of tablet PCs, powered by the Intel Core i7 processor, was developed with customer input from a variety of industries where end users work in the most demanding environments such as utilities, warehousing/logistics, public safety, field service, transportation, manufacturing, route delivery, military, and homeland security. Xplore’s “Voice of the Customer” product development methodology is what drives the engineering and implementation of critical rugged, wireless, performance, and expansion capabilities.

Differentiating features added as a result of customer feedback include the tool-less removable dual solid-state drive (SSD) module, tool-less access to the SIM and microSD ports, and an ingress protection rating of IP-67 for submersion in water.
“Xplore has earned a unique place in the history of tablet PCs,” says Philip Sassower, chairman and CEO of Xplore Technologies. “Today, we are making history once again with the launch of the iX104C5 at a time when tablets are experiencing exponential growth and recognition.”
Sassower noted that a recent report by Venture Development Corporation (VDC) projected that the rugged mobile computing market would grow to $6.8 billion by 2013 and the portion of the market in which Xplore’s products compete, to $3.5 billion during the same period.
More than a decade before the iPad existed, Xplore Technologies began developing first-generation rugged pen tablets––for workers in warehousing, transportation, utilities, and public safety organizations. Xplore is proud of its strong track record as an innovator, which includes industry “firsts” such as incorporating dual-mode inputs with active pen and finger touch capabilities and its award-winning outdoor-readable displays and wLAN wireless solutions.
In 2002 the company joined forces with Microsoft when it introduced its Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Xplore continues to partner with Microsoft in long-term planning for the next-generation tablet computing needs of its customers.
“As businesses increasingly use mobile technologies, the market will reward OEMs like Xplore that develop products that fulfill requirements unique to a sector, industry or profession,” says Eddie O’Brien, Microsoft U.S. OEM vice president. “With the launch of its iX104C5 family of rugged tablet PCs, Xplore has again demonstrated its ability to innovate on the Windows 7 platform in anticipation of the growing needs of its customers.”
“With class-leading performance as well as Intel Hyper-Threading technology, the Intel Core i7 processor enables ruggedized tablets such as Xplore’s iX104C5 to provide outstanding productivity and reliability in the harshest of environments,” says Ryan Brown, product marketing manager for Intel Corporation’s Embedded and Communications Group.
Based on third-party certifications, Xplore’s new iX104C5 tablet PC line surpasses the standards and specifications that are the measuring sticks for rugged tablet computers in today’s marketplace. Designing and building their computers for what they call “Real World Rugged”, the iX104C5 line withstands operating seven-foot drops to plywood over concrete and operating four-foot drops directly to concrete. All models feature industry-leading sunlight-readable displays and are the first tablet PCs with easy, tool-less access to internal storage for in-field upgrades or repairs. The iX104C5s are also certified for use in hazardous locations.
The new line consists of five different models developed for use in a variety of environments and applications:
  • iX104C5 DMSR – Dual-Mode Sunlight-Readable Xtreme Tablet
  • iX104C5 DM – Dual-Mode Xtreme Tablet
  • iX104C5 DML – Dual-Mode Lite Xtreme Tablet
  • iX104C5 M – Military Xtreme Tablet
  • iX104C5 DMCR – Dual-Mode Clean Room Xtreme Tablet
The iX104C5 DSMR Xtreme Tablet design implements an award-winning, best-in-class rugged display optically-engineered with AllVue Xtreme Technology; the latest Intel Core i7-620UE processor; Windows 7 operating system; and are third-party certified to meet Military-Standard-810G (MIL-STD-810G), Ingress Protection (IP) 67, and hazardous location (HazLoc) standards.
“We began our company selling tablet PCs to forklift operators who were afraid of computers,” says Holleran. “Today, more than a decade later, there has been a fundamental paradigm shift toward tablet computing. It is an exciting time to be launching the iX104C5.”
For more information, visit www.xploretech.com.
About the Xtreme Tablet Family
Key features of the iX104C5 DSMR Xtreme Tablet include:
  • Withstands operating drops from 7’ (2.13m), and 4’ (1.22m) direct to concrete
  • AllVue Xtreme LCD technology for optimal viewing in all lighting conditions
  • Auto-sensing dual-mode technology accepts both pen and finger touch inputs
  • Tool-less access to SSD, SIM, MicroSD, and battery.
  • Rapid field replaceable input connectors, memory and wireless cards
  • MIL-STD-810G and IP 67 compliance
  • Hazardous location certification
Xplore’s iX104C5 family of products also includes:
The iX104C5 DM Xtreme Tablet
  • Same rugged, performance and features as iX104C5 DMSR
  • LCD is optimized for indoor and ambient outdoor light conditions
  • The industry’s highest capacity long-life Li-Ion battery
The iX104C5 DML Xtreme Tablet
  • Same rugged characteristics as iX104C5 DMSR
  • LCD optimized for indoor or ambient outdoor applications
  • Solid cost-effective performance with Intel Celeron Dual-Core U3405 processor for less resource-intensive applications
The iX104C5 M Xtreme Military Tablet
  • The only tool-less field-repairable / field-upgradeable system in the industry
  • The industry’s most rugged, powerful and functional tablet in its class
  • Independently-tested specifically for mission-critical Military / Security applications
  • Adaptable to most military vehicles from HMMWVs to MRAPs
  • Custom military docking solution
The iX104C5 DMCR Xtreme Clean Room Tablet
  • Designed for use in technology, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as in other clean room environments
  • Safe and effective performance and functionality with a custom-engineered chassis optimized for clean room operations designed to prevent pooling of contaminants and cleaning agents
  • Dual-Mode input capabilities – supports more precise inputs from either finger touch or active pen, all in a single unit with auto-switching capabilities


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