Enterprise Data Mobilization, Part 1

How many times have you needed access to your organization's line-of-business (LoB) applications to carry out a key task, such as checking the availability of a product before accepting an order or following up on an outstanding support ticket for an important client, etc., but you find yourself away from a desk or your laptop is without an Internet connection? What are you to do?

A BlackBerry Storm Is Brewing (And A Bold Stroke May Also Be Imminent)

Evidence suggests that the long-anticipated BlackBerry Storm 2 may be ready to hit the shelves in late October 2009, and the chatter is equally strong that the Blackberry Bold 2 (also known as BlackBerry 9700 Onyx) may also be released in October or November. Find out what features are expected from both sequel handsets and (what the arrivals could mean for the enterprise user).

Are Mobile Devices An Enterprise Money Pit?

Yes, if they're not properly managed, according to management consulting firm Compass. It claims centralizing contracts and eliminating redundancy can reduce telecom costs by up to 40%.

UPDATED: Skype, Google Voice Coming To AT&T Wireless?

On the eve of the 2009 CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment Convention in San Diego are to be believed, AT&T announce that it will allow mobile VoIP services -- such as Skype and Google Voice VoIP -- on the iPhone. Find out why this is such a big deal.
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Mobility Outlook 2015: People & Process Coming Together

The progression of mobility in the enterprise so far is akin to a child entering its early awkward teenage years, according to 451 Analyst Chris Marsh. How will this change in 2015? What trends need to go and what's coming? This exclusive report explores looks ahead and Marsh provides practical recommendations.