The Gadgets I Can't Live Without - December 2009

Find out what's in the toolbox of indispensable devices for mobile enterprise executives from Citibank, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cornell University, Tasty Baking, PSE&G, and The Linc Group.

UPS Delivers BlackBerry App

UPS has launched an app that allows users to create shipments, calculate shipping rates and time in transit, track shipments, and find the nearest UPS location.

Enterprise Data Mobilization: Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series we explored the steps to take to mobilize enterprise data and application design considerations. In this installment, we explore the next steps in the implementation process, including client-side caching, coding business logic, and building the user interface.
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Must See


From Mobile First to Mobile Productivity

Logic would lead to the conclusion that utilizing a mobile first strategy—designing experiences for mobile devices and processes, with the mobile user in mind—would automatically lead to mobile productivity, but that is not the reality. Here are the critical things needed to take mobile productivity to the next level.