Mobile CRM Keeps Field Sales Reps Up To Speed

Investment management firm American Century discovers that equipping field sales reps with smartphone access to key CRM apps gives them instant answers to client questions.

Microsoft Office Comes To Nokia Smartphones

Groundbreaking deal has Microsoft and Nokia collaborating to bring Office Mobile and related communications and collaboration software and services to Nokia smartphones.

Google's Android Sets Its Sights Squarely On The Enterprise

As enterprises mull their increasingly vast and intriguing array of mobile options, Google vows to make its presence pronounced in that market segment. Find out about its plans and also discover what this week's rash of Android-related news may ultimately bring to the mobile enterprise user.

Truck Drivers Take Note: Danger Of Texting "In Its Own Universe"

A new Virginia Tech study considered the most comprehensive (and shocking) ever on driving and texting, outfitted trucks and other vehicles with video cameras. The sobering results show that the risk of texting "far surpasses" other distractions. Learn more about this and the study's other revealing findings.
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IoT 2020: How Inter-Connected Devices Will Impact the Enterprise

In realizing the vision of the IoT, we are in uncharted territory. It's happening so fast in so many separate pieces that managing and leveraging has escaped a majority of enterprises. This report provides a snapshot of the evolution of the IoT and examines what's to come to help you prepare for the impact—from the onslaught of technology and its unprecedented risk, to attaining the extraordinary value of innovative information.