13 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Smartphone

By Brian Morris, Communications Manager, Flipsy — May 27, 2014

The summer season has unofficially begun, but it’s still officially spring and your smartphone might need attention. People typically think about sprucing up their homes during spring cleaning, but most could also give their smartphones a thorough “scouring” to improve performance and maintain value when trading in.

1. Backup your data. Before you make changes to your phone, it's a good idea to back up your data. Verizon offers Backup Assistant Plus, Apple allows iTunes-based backups and other solutions are provided by different wireless carriers and OEMs. You can even download third-party backup apps, such as Lookout for Android.

2. Uninstall unused apps. Unused apps take up disk space and bog down memory, which limits smartphone performance.

3. Delete unwanted files and photos to gain extra storage space.

4. Clean your app cache. App Cache Cleaner is one of many apps that clear your cache and free memory for improved smartphone performance.

5. Get an app organizer. If you have a lot of apps, use an app organizer to efficiently organize them for quick, manageable access.

6. Use cloud sync services. Take advantage of cloud storage services that automatically add your photos and videos to the cloud. When you use automatic cloud sync, you can delete photos and videos after you've taken them and access them later from the cloud on your laptop or tablet.

7. Consolidate contacts. It's nice to be able to import contacts from email applications and social media websites; however, your phone probably doesn't do a very good job of matching contacts contributed by multiple sources. Thus, you can have two or three entries for many contacts, each containing snippets of contact information. Make your contact list easier to manage by consolidating all contacts into single entries that include all contact information.

8. Scan for viruses. Apps such as AVG allow you to scan your phone for viruses and other malware, and also provide continual protection against threats. Make sure your phone is clean and secure by scheduling regular scans.

9. Boost security. Set up security features such as such as finders for stolen phones. Change passwords now and regularly from here on out to better protect your smartphone from security threats.

10. Perform app and OS updates. Check for app and operating system updates to get the latest, best and most secure versions of software on your smartphone.

11. Check your smartphone's value. The “What's My Phone Worth?” app is free and instantly scans your phone to let you know its worth. This information can be valuable when it's time to sell or trade in your phone for a new model.

12. Clean your phone. Use a phone cleaner such as iKlear with a microfiber towel to safely clean your smartphone's exterior. If you want to go the extra mile, you can additionally try a sanitizer such as UV Cell Phone Sanitizer.

13. Get a new screen protector and case. Finally, keep your phone looking brand new and protect it from damage with a new screen protector and case.

Of course, if you are using your phone at work and are subject to BYOD policies or corporate security, be sure and adhere to those or check with your IT department before making any system changes.


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