Security and Privacy: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Security and privacy are two sides of the same coin: Security focuses on keeping organizationally owned resources protected, while privacy pertains to keeping individually owned resources protected.

The Revolution of GPS Technology in the Workforce

At one point in time, Garmin was one of the largest tech companies in the world; however, due to the influx of mobile and BYOD, within the last few years the company lost 70% of its value—thus painting a clear picture of the disruption occurring today.

Top 10 Enterprise Apps to Scope Out in 2015

Enterprise apps offer a plethora of benefits across all verticals—and law firms specifically are taking this very seriously today. But with thousands to choose from, which should be at the top of the list? Here are 10 must haves for enterprise execs.

Will Apple Watch Cross Over to the Enterprise?

The iPhone was one of the main drivers that broke through the enterprise barrier and led us into the BYOD age—and while it still may be premature thought, the Apple Watch is expected to cause the same ripple effect for wearables in the enterprise.

What is the Real Definition of Mobility?

Mobile has evolved, going well beyond devices and mere portability; businesses need to now look at the big picture to fully understand its true definition.
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EKN Research: How Mobile is Driving Personalized Context and Engagement

Retailers and hospitality enterprises are well aware that mobile technologies must be driving consistently high standards of in-store or in-location customer engagement. These are key imperatives for customer relevance, financial gains, loyalty and brand advocacy. However, more often than not, such standards break-down in stores due to a wide variety of reasons. Download this benchmark report to understand how mobile is driving a more personalized engagement and key business pains, performance and capabilities related to in-store customer engagement.