7 Mobile Risks

To protect mobile endpoints, security must work the way employees work: anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Enterprises: Prepare for iOS 7

Apple put work into updating and adding new features and capabilities that will make it easier for organizations to maintain security and foster collaboration —without compromising the user experience.

Checklist for the Occasionally Connected App

Enterprise mobility applications must enable users to perform their business functions wherever they may be, whether they're connected or not. Here are four things to consider.

BP Australia Automates Audits

The company operates 220 stores with field-based advisors performing on- site compliance audits manually — a time consuming process where a single store audit could take an entire day.

6 Mobile Lies We Tell Ourselves

When it comes to handling mobility, why do companies stumble? Often, the trouble starts with unspoken (though understandable) assumptions about the task ahead.

3 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

For the vast majority of companies, the question will not be if switching to the cloud is right, but rather when to implement the change. What are the considerations?

Best Practices for Automated Mobile Testing

For mobile application developers, quality can be a challenge. Fortunately, automated testing in the cloud is now enabling companies to test more devices, more quickly than ever before.

From Apps to Browsers

A secure browser enables IT to build a unified applications platform that extends across devices ― without compromise in functionality, performance or security.
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EKN Research: How Mobile is Driving Personalized Context and Engagement

Retailers and hospitality enterprises are well aware that mobile technologies must be driving consistently high standards of in-store or in-location customer engagement. These are key imperatives for customer relevance, financial gains, loyalty and brand advocacy. However, more often than not, such standards break-down in stores due to a wide variety of reasons. Download this benchmark report to understand how mobile is driving a more personalized engagement and key business pains, performance and capabilities related to in-store customer engagement.