The Seven Laws of Mobile Software

Today, a paltry 11% of us use mobile devices for anything other than talking or texting. Why is that? And what will it take to make wireless data mainstream?

Enabling Mobile Intelligent Roaming Across Networks

As business reliance on mobile devices increases, creating a consistent mobile communications experience -- one that enables mobile employees to work and roam transparently, regardless of network topology -- is becoming a key challenge for enterprise I.T. departments.

The Enterprise Untethered: Part Two

In the second installment of this two-part series, Deloitte analysts Alejandro Danylyszyn and Harley Young details the five critical factors for successfully mobilizing your workforce.

The Enterprise Untethered: Part One

In the first installment of this two-part series, Deloitte Consulting analysts Alejandro Danylyszyn and Harley Young provide four steps to unleashing your users and realizing the value hidden in your enterprise mobility portfolio.

Process & Strategy: Effective Needs Analysis

In our ongoing series on process and strategy, Craig Settles interviews I.T. executives from a range of enterprises, including Dunkin' Donuts, Cox Enterprises and 7-Eleven, about the process of needs analysis in any mobile deployment.

Work Globally, Roam Locally

Whether you're a globe-trotting corporate warrior or a member of your enterprise's I.T. team trying to figure out how to manage a plethora of mobile devices around the world, you'll want to check out this special package on global roaming.
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Mobile Risk: Security Is Not a Game

IDC predicts 2 billion mobile devices will be shipped by 2017, while Gartner expects a 26 billion Internet of Things installed base (excluding smartphones and tablets) by 2020. With more devices, more machines, more connectivity comes more risk.