Track Your Assets Through M2M

By Christopher D. Newton, President and CEO of Securus, Inc. — February 11, 2013

When you’re running a business, it can be a challenge to keep track of inventory and fleet vehicles, prevent merchandise losses, stop cargo diversion and keep your people safe. But thanks to the machine-to-machine (M2M) revolution, there are affordable tools to help. M2M allows wireless devices to communicate — such as GPS tracking devices and smartphones.

Advances in M2M technology have made GPS tracking devices more affordable, lightweight, inconspicuous and incredibly accurate. Monitoring vehicles and merchandise can be done 24/7 online or via a smartphone. Here are four ways you can put M2M to work for you:
1. Use GPS devices to keep track of your fleet: You can easily install a GPS tracking device in all fleet vehicles, wiring the tracker directly to the battery so you’ll never have to worry about charging it and never have to be concerned about losing track of a vehicle again. You can also give drivers a tracker equipped with an SOS button so they can instantly summon help and transmit their exact location in case of an emergency.
2. Prevent inventory loss by tracking commonly stolen items: If theft from your backroom or store is a problem or if you’ve experienced merchandise or materials loss during transport, you can use a tracking device to catch thieves and recover lost items. An affordable, lightweight GPS tracking device placed in merchandise boxes, trucks or floor items can help trace shoplifters and prevent interception during transit.
3: Stop cargo diversion with tracking devices: For some companies, cargo diversion causes hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars in losses each year. You can put a stop to this by placing inconspicuous tracking devices into delivery vehicles and cargo containers. Devices can be tracked online or via smartphone day and night.
4. Set a trap. If your business is plagued by frequent thefts of certain items, you can catch the culprits quickly by placing GPS tracking devices in bait items, allowing you to quickly locate stolen items, alert police to their location and deter future thefts. There are affordable, inconspicuous M2M devices that can automatically send an alert via email or text if the armed device is moved.


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