Distracted Driving - Understanding Your Business Risk and Liability

Mobile phones are critical to modern business productivity. However, used while driving, mobile phones pose a serious danger to employees and an expensive liability to companies. Authored by ZoomSafer, the leading provider of innovative software to prevent distracted driving, this white paper documents the enormous liability faced by businesses who fail to implement and adequately enforce employee safe driving policies.

Securing the Everywhere Network

Old ways of securing corporate resources have gotten more difficult, expensive and ineffective. Find out how to solve this security challenge in this exclusive white paper.

Managing Device Diversity: How To Embrace Employee-Owned BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile Smartphones (And Make Your CIO Smile)

Enforced standardization on any one mobile device within the enterprise is on the way out. With the consumerization of IT, employees are making smartphone choices based on a blend of personal and business needs -- and demanding that IT support them. So IT can either fight the employee device invasion or proactively establish a portfolio of supported mobile platforms and services, an approach called "enabled compliance." This free handbook explains why enabled compliance -- backed up by an automated Mobile User Management strategy -- is what IT management and CIOs need to maximize mobile worker productivity while optimizing the balance of service quality, cost and risk to the organization.

Mobile Solutions On-The-Go and Ready for Action: Unlock the power of mobile resource management

Download "Mobile Solutions On-The-Go & Ready For Action" to learn how leading enterprises are using the latest mobile resource solutions to take advantage of real-time data and location services. See how these tools are enabling companies to improve workforce efficiency and enhance profitability. Click here to download this free custom publication brought to you by Mobile Enterprise and AT&T.

Complimentary Report: iPhone in the Enterprise

Given the iPhone's widespread popularity, IT managers will have to solve their security and manageability issues. This paper outlines the iPhone challenges for enterprises and introduces ways that they can be addressed without changing existing enterprise messaging infrastructures.

Consider Environmental Factors When Choosing a Rugged Tablet PC

The growing market for mobile computers is characterized by confusion about the meaning of the term rugged. While there are some specific ratings that gauge performance, terms like rugged are not easily defined. Users must evaluate levels of protection in the specific environment in which the computer will be deployed.

The Value of Outsourcing Mobility during an Economic Downturn

This paper demonstrates how outsourcing provides a cost-effective way to address the complexities of enterprise mobility initiatives. Using a hypothetical case, it shows how entrusting processes such as deployment, depot, and support to mobility experts enables enterprises to meet mobility needs while avoiding significant investment in personnel, training, and processes.

Mobilizing Field Forces on Smartphones

For many field workers, smartphones can perform many of the required tasks at a fraction of the cost of rugged handhelds. Through interviews with companies experienced in using rugged devices and smartphones, the analysis shows that smartphone-based field service solution had a 14%-85% lower TCO than alternate rugged solutions.
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Must See


EKN Research: How Mobile is Driving Personalized Context and Engagement

Retailers and hospitality enterprises are well aware that mobile technologies must be driving consistently high standards of in-store or in-location customer engagement. These are key imperatives for customer relevance, financial gains, loyalty and brand advocacy. However, more often than not, such standards break-down in stores due to a wide variety of reasons. Download this benchmark report to understand how mobile is driving a more personalized engagement and key business pains, performance and capabilities related to in-store customer engagement.